Author Note 18 – Next Heir Poll

me lone Hey everyone!

It’s been a while since we had a note from me, but it’s VERY important! Now that Hermione is a child, I wanted to get thoughts on who you want to be the next Heir for this family.  Hermione was kind of a swing from left field, because I didn’t expect Draco to get abducted, but it does add an interesting twist to the mix if the story wanted to go that route, and add some Alien DNA into the family.

So please! PLEASE! Vote now on who you think should be the next Heir. Voting will be open until Sunday (5/22) at 5pm Central Standard Time.


The choices are:

Rose (Currently Teen)


Lily (Currently Teen)

sm Lily

Ginny (Currently Teen)

sm Ginny

Hermione (Currently Child – Full blooded Alien)

sm Hermione

Again, the POLL IS HERE

Thanks so much for reading, and voting!


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