2.35 Twin Birthdays All Around!

Today happened to be an incredibly happy day for our family.

Lily and Ginny knew it was their birthday, so they spent their time celebrating all day. Practically inseparable from each other, really.

04-21-16_8-31-36 PM

First Lily blew out her candles. And we tooted horns and celebrated for her.

04-21-16_8-35-43 PM

We then relit the candles and had Ginny blow them out.

04-21-16_8-36-50 PM

It was such an exciting morning. They were just pleased that their birthday fell on a Saturday, so they didn’t have to worry about school, of course.

04-21-16_8-36-57 PM

Though, they did make sure to get their new, High School homework done so they could continue to celebrate the weekend.

I am so very proud of my girls right now. They’re all amazing, hard workers.

04-21-16_8-59-05 PM

After all that cake, Lauryn decided to take to jogging. Not sure where that healthy decision came because we haven’t been a particularly exercise orientated family, but suddenly we had two treadmills on the balcony for jogging purposes. Maybe I’ll see about working out with her soon too.

04-21-16_9-10-13 PM

Later that afternoon, we celebrated our other set of twins’ birthday. First we aged up Hermione.

04-21-16_9-12-54 PM

And then we aged up Harry.

04-21-16_9-13-43 PM

I’m still getting a little used to their green skin. I think Lauryn was hoping that they’d pale or look a little more like their siblings once they grew a little older. Instead, their little space suits seemed to grow with them. What’s interesting is that it can project the image they want it to, so they can look like their siblings.

Hermione took a form that looked like her oldest sister Rose.

04-21-16_9-18-05 PM

And Harry took on a form that looked similar to his eldest brother Scorpious.

04-21-16_9-19-33 PM

I’ve been thinking maybe it would be interesting to give the heir-ship to Hermione, but Lauryn isn’t so sure with her being an alien. So I guess we have a bit more talking to do before we fully decide. But with the three eldest girls now teenagers, we need to make the decision soon.


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