2.34 Surprising Twins

I only seem to be growing bigger and bigger as everything continues.  I’m not entirely sure I can take much more of this, really.

Lauryn says if those aliens did anything to me, then it should be over soon enough. I hope so, because I feel bigger than our house. And I always have to pee, it seems.

04-21-16_5-51-06 PM
Albus has been downstairs at the bar mixing and practicing drinks. Not sure what he’s planning, but it seems to be something big. I’ve noticed that all his things are slowly being packed too. It looks like he’s already planning to move in with Tracy.

04-21-16_6-02-02 PM

It didn’t take long after his practicing to run out the door saying he was going to be meeting Tracy at the Von Haunt Estate in Windenburg. And when the two came back, it was merely to collect his things, as they had eloped and he was moving in with her.

I wish I could say I was more surprised, or hurt by it, but truthfully, this belly has been playing roller coaster with my emotions, so I’m not entirely sure how I feel right now.

04-21-16_6-06-37 PM

I mean seriously. How do women put up with having to go through this with every child they have?

04-21-16_6-15-25 PM

Even Lily is curious about this weird glowing light that occasionally sparkles from me when I get a pain or feel like something inside me is kicking.

04-21-16_6-16-00 PM

Before long, it was time to head to the hospital. I felt relieved, really. To finally be able to get this thing out of me. Lauryn was able to get to experience first hand what I went through every time we were here for our other kids, and she took off running around in a blind panic while I checked myself in.

04-21-16_6-25-13 PM

The doctors shook their heads, but lead me to the delivery room. They want to say they don’t see this too often, but truthfully, they see it far more often now that Windenburg has started to have Alien night at the bars in town.

04-21-16_6-25-55 PM

A lot of pain and panicking from Lauryn, and one microwaved sandwich she snagged from the break lounge later, we welcomed in a set of twins. Lauryn didn’t even blink at the green skin of our new family members.

04-21-16_6-27-34 PM

So now we have Harry and Hermione. The doctor mentioned that there was a button on the cribs that would allow us to send them back to their home planet, but I think Lauryn and I have already fallen in love with them.

04-21-16_6-30-13 PM

So two new babies to keep us hopping until they grow up. But they’re cute, green skin and all.


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