2.33 A Birthday and a Proposal

Rose celebrated her birthday today! It was an exciting time for her. Though, she was a little grumpy because she had to share it with her brother. 04-21-16_5-10-59 PM

Albus followed his brother’s footsteps and became a young adult today as well.

Lauryn and I are very proud of our Albus. We’re still proud of our Scorpious too, even if he did get married and move out.

04-21-16_5-20-13 PM

What Albus told us after though, had our heads reeling. He’s dating Tracy, Mina’s sister. And the two are apparently very in love.

04-21-16_5-26-35 PM

He’s said that this has been going on while he was in high school. At least our second son told us about her before he decided to marry her and move out. Though, I have noticed that he’s been spending an awful lot of time at her home.

04-21-16_5-27-33 PM

Rose was very happy to help her younger sisters with their homework. She wants them to be as awesome in school as she is right now. It’s an incredibly great action to see her doing.

04-21-16_5-30-03 PM

Especially since I have been having these very strange lights coming out of my stomach, which no amount of exercise will fix. Lauryn’s been laughing more, telling me I look like her when I was pregnant. I really wish I knew what was going on!

04-21-16_5-41-10 PM

Albus came home from the store and pulled me aside, wanting to know if the ring he bought for Tracy would be good enough. I think that she’ll be a very lucky woman when he asks her.

And he said they were going on a date that night, that he would be asking her to propose. I do hope it goes well for him.

04-21-16_5-45-46 PM

I’m sure that she’ll be excited to get their new life started when she’s asked.

04-21-16_5-44-37 PM

Though, hopefully they don’t decide to just elope like Scorpius did. We’ll see though.


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