2.32 Draco’s Back! And Scorpius has News!

So Dad’s back. And I don’t know what he did where he’d disappeared to, but he got HUGE, dude. Dad’s been in a fairly grumpy mood since he got back too, though I think that has something to due with the memory loss. He claims that he doesn’t remember where he went, why he was gone, or how his stomach blew up to look more like mom when she was pregnant with us.

It’s kind of crazy.

04-21-16_4-49-58 PM

Either way, he cooked dinner for all of us. We always love when we can settle together at the counter for a family meal. I know we have the table too, but there’s just the perfect amount of us for us to settle all at the counter and talk.

04-21-16_4-52-00 PM

After dinner, I called Mina and had her come over to meet the parents. Being engaged, it was kind of time, we thought.

04-21-16_4-54-18 PM

We didn’t get very far after I gave her a welcoming hug though. We kind of got wrapped up in each other.

04-21-16_4-54-33 PM

Very wrapped up in each other.

04-21-16_4-54-56 PM

Enough that we took the plunge and eloped. I had told Tiffany that we had the nice wedding arch and set up in our backyard, but she didnt’ want to wait. And I wasn’t going to make her if she didn’t want to.

04-21-16_4-55-08 PM

So we exchanged our own little vows together. And I gave her her ring.

04-21-16_4-55-55 PM

And we sealed the deal with a kiss.

04-21-16_4-56-01 PM

After eloping we finally made it into the house to tell mom and dad. They weren’t exactly happy that they’d never met her and yet I’d gone out and gotten married, but well, I love her and I’m happy with the decision. I packed up most of my stuff and we headed out to her little place across town.

04-21-16_4-58-06 PM

I don’t plan on losing touch with my family. But, I’m happy with moving into her house with her. We deserve to be as happy as mom and dad, after all.


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