2.31 Draco Abducted!

Today started fairly mundane. We celebrated Scorpious’ birthday into an adult. He’s definitely grown into a strapping young man, and he has made his mother and I very proud.

04-18-16_9-16-46 PM

After we celebrated his birthday, I saw some strange lights out front, so I thought I would take a look.

As I stood there, the lights grew brighter and brighter.

04-18-16_9-26-52 PM

After a moment I started to rise off the ground in that light. I didn’t know what was going on!

04-18-16_9-26-55 PM

And when I looked up, all I could see was a bright light! Help! I don’t know what’s going on!

04-18-16_9-27-01 PM

So, dad’s disappeared. Mom and I have searched for him, but we haven’t been able to find him anywhere. So I figured I’d tell you about my day while we wait for him to come back. I know my sisters are supposed to take over in the heir and journal thing, but my day is much more interesting. I promise.

So I’ve been dating this girl named Mina. She’s smokin’ hot, we met in High School, and I love her so much. I took her out on a date while dad was gone. Things have been heating up a little since she became an young adult, and I was happy to have my birthday that I could follow her up into that next age and stage of our relationship.

04-18-16_9-43-34 PM

She loves to swim, so we hit the pool and spent the day there. Made out and everything. It was all incredibly special.

04-18-16_9-44-08 PM

Special enough that I decided to ask her to marry me.

04-18-16_9-45-12 PM

Naturally she said yes. I still need to tell my parents, that I’ve been seeing someone – and that I’m engaged and all. Hopefully they’re happy for us. I’m not sure either of us want to wait all that long to get married and start our family.


2 thoughts on “2.31 Draco Abducted!

    • He’s got some serious Fabio hair going on, but it works for him. Heh. And thanks! I really want to have a big wedding where everyone can come and it will be awesome. Heh. Soon. Hopefully.

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