2.30 The Dead Kind of Live

It wasn’t too long before things around the house started to float on their own. The kids got a little scared of it, but I told them not to worry too much.

04-17-16_9-25-18 PM

Turns out, the problem that they were having, was just dad in a bad mood. Once I talked to him, and gave him a hug, he calmed right down and we were able to stop breaking all the appliances. The kids felt a little better, knowing it was just grandpa coming to visit.

04-17-16_9-27-01 PM

Most of the days have started to pass with the same routine. I keep my plants well tended, and keep the house clean and the kids fed. Lauryn goes to work and when she’s not working we watch movies or she works on her apps that bring in a little extra money. And of course the kids are working hard at school to get their studies done well.

04-17-16_9-59-26 PM

Scorpius has even taking to helping his sisters while they do their homework. It’s helped Lily a lot, I know. She’s gone from a C student to a B student this week.

04-18-16_9-01-37 PM

It wasn’t too long before we had a surprise guest. Mom finally decided to show herself and come around to talk to the kids. I think it’s actually helped them to grieve over mom’s death having her kind of back. I’m glad to see her back, though Lauryn and I have both been talking about releasing mom and dad’s spirits so they can move on. I’m not sure what to do. I guess we don’t really have to decide today, but it’s a hard decision to make.

I wish I knew what other people might think would be a good decision. To let them move on now that they’re together, or if I should continue to let them come around as ghosts.

04-18-16_9-08-00 PM

That night though, mom must have been in a terrible mood because every time I turned around, things were broken. So I made sure to spend the night fixing everything.

04-18-16_9-13-14 PM

The most important, naturally, are the bathrooms. I wanted to make sure that they were up and running so if the kids needed one we were okay.

04-18-16_9-13-21 PM

But after an exhausting week, I think the healing has started to pick up a little more. The house over all is starting to feel a little less sad. Hopefully we only have up to go from here.


2 thoughts on “2.30 The Dead Kind of Live

  1. That part of the legacy cycle, when the family is in mourning and the new ghost is breaking everything… it’s always rough. Glad he’s on top of things and keeping the plumbing working!


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