2.29 Heartbreaking Death

Today started like almost any other day. There wasn’t anything too special going on. The girls have been running around to collect the eggs, and I’ve been working on my growfruit tree to help it flourish as best as I’m able to.

And Mom decided it was time to write another book. She does love toiling away on those books.

03-22-16_8-33-14 PM

After she was done writing, she headed out to the kitchen area and saw the girls working on their homework. Being the best grandmother in the world, she decided to help them all with her homework.

She’s really great at that, and the kids love that she helps them with everything.

03-22-16_8-39-03 PM

Lauryn chose to work on some of her programming for work while the kids did their homework with mom. She’s continuing to level up in both her skills and her job as she continues to focus on her work. She’s even started making apps for our phones. It’s all pretty exciting.

As you can probably tell from this photo I took, the girls after homework were also able to complete the egg collection. The pastel spotted bunny between the computers was the wonderful prize for completing it.

03-22-16_8-58-59 PM

Though, not to be making them share, since they all worked on collecting the eggs, there are three bunnies throughout the house. There’s a pastel one in the girls’ room, and we also put the blue bunny in the kids’ play room with all the other stuffed animals.

Ginny is in love with the blue bunny specifically.

03-22-16_9-01-17 PM

She even went out of her way to tell the whole crew of stuffed animals a story. Her audience was captivated.

03-22-16_9-01-36 PM

Mom took a quick down to the community garden. She was able to find Jasmine, and gain an extra growfruit which she came home and gave to me. I planted it right away, to make sure that it started growing as soon as possible. I’m excited to have a second tree in our garden. The current one has taken to giving off a beautiful green glow at night.

03-22-16_9-11-44 PM

After the fruit was planted I settled in to play a game and Sirius came in and sat down at the computer. Ginny swears it was secretly because he wanted to eye the new bunny. Because who wouldn’t love such a cute and wonderful stuffed friend.

03-22-16_9-15-33 PM

It was shortly after everyone went up to bed that I heard a cry. We all came running down, but by the time we got there, it was too late.

03-22-16_9-21-19 PM

We tried to plead with the Grim Reaper, but he was having none of it. He said it was too late, there was no way that he would return her because she already had a long and fulfilling life.

03-22-16_9-22-11 PM

He did stick around to offer some advice to help us through our grieving a little, but not too much longer after that. Part of me was happy to see him go, he always brings misery into the house, arriving to take a beloved family member away. But at the same time, his sticking around leaves home that maybe she can be revived.  I know I’m kidding myself though, that she won’t be back.

03-22-16_9-22-18 PM

The family had a small ceremony as we placed her tombstone next to dad’s. And I had to call all my siblings to make sure that they all heard the news from me, and not from one of my kids.

03-22-16_9-24-44 PM

It’s hard, knowing she’s not here anymore, even with knowing that she had a long life. Lauryn and I are going to be writing the kids some notes for school, give them a couple days off to process this loss. It’s a hard hit for our family. Until next time.


One thought on “2.29 Heartbreaking Death

  1. I am so sad. You had mentioned to me about a week ago that this had happened and you were posting this today. I’ve thought about it everyday. Abigail was such an incredible Sim, Mother, Wife. She will be missed so much. Sending you and Abigail’s family love.


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