2.28 Boys Get Older

Today we get to celebrate Lauryn and Albus’ birthday. I made sure to cook them both a fantastic dinner before they could get home from work and school. Of course, school let out before Lauryn made it home from work.

03-22-16_7-52-00 PM

The kids decided that they wanted to watch a movie downstairs while they ate dinner, so they took their plates down and were instructed that if they forgot to bring their plates up they wouldn’t be allowed to eat down there again.

03-22-16_7-54-31 PM

It wasn’t long before Lauryn made it home. We lit the candles and sang to her, watched her become an adult. It’s certainly a shock to my system, that my wife is now an adult also.

03-22-16_7-56-56 PM

After she blew out the candles, we relit them and sang to Albus to.

03-22-16_8-04-35 PM

Lauryn and I agree that he became a very handsome young man. A very lovely mix of me and his mother. We’re excited to see where he goes with his life, what he wants to do with it. We’ll know soon enough.

03-22-16_8-06-39 PM

After cake and dinner was cleaned up, he and Lily decided to spend some time outside doing their homework. Well, he was doing his homework, but she had grabbed a quick snack before bedtime.

03-22-16_8-09-49 PM

Before Lauryn and I know it, it will be time for our girls to have birthdays. And then time to choose who will continue the family as our heir. Time is passing by so fast these days.


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