2.27 Family Hunting

The days started out okay, but Lily came home tense and angry from a bad test at school. It took forever to help her calm down. Though, I think that Lauryn’s idea for a little Spring fun will help to cheer her right up.

03-22-16_7-33-13 PM

We sat all three of the girls down and let them know that we signed them up to participate as a team for the town’s Spring Challenge. Eggs were hidden all around the town and their job was to find all twelve of them.

It seemed to work too, because Lily looked incredibly excited to start hunting. She grabbed a small snack and then bounced right out of the house to go hunting. She’d seen some of the nodes in our backyard that she thought might hold some and refused to waste any time.

I’m just glad that it seemed to be the exact pick me up that she needed.

03-22-16_7-34-27 PM

While she went out to do that, Scorpius decided to take a spin on the microscope to look at some of the plant samples that I had laying about. Who knows, maybe we have a budding botanist with him as well. I know I’ve been enjoying working on all my plants with my focus.

03-22-16_7-35-59 PM

And while he used my machinery, I stopped by the local town garden to catch up with the challenge coordinator. She also had a growing challenge, to collect twenty grow fruit for a reward. I figured this would be right up my wheelhouse to finish, so she handed me a growfruit seed I can plant and I headed home.

03-22-16_7-38-30 PM

After dinner Ginny decided she had to try her hand at finding some of these eggs too. So she headed out quietly so her sisters wouldn’t hear. Lauryn and I signed them up as a team, but they seem to be taking this challenge individually right now. Maybe once they see how hard it is to find some of these eggs they’ll start working together.

03-22-16_7-43-36 PM

Rose wasn’t going to let her sisters sneak anything past her though, and headed out shortly after Ginny to do her own collecting.

I’m really glad the girls seem to be getting into this.

03-22-16_7-44-31 PM

While they ran around trying to find some eggs near our house, I sat down and had a good long chat with mom. Just catching up, making sure she was feeling alright. She’s not exactly a spring chick anymore. But we all love her so much.

03-22-16_7-45-27 PM

We settled in for the night, and displayed the four eggs the girls had collected on the kitchen counter for the time being. Lauryn and Mom both gave me looks, because they cook there. But I wanted to make sure everyone could see the hard work the girls were already putting into finding all the eggs.

03-22-16_7-46-04 PM

And of course, once the egg hunt was done, it was homework time.

Or brownie time for those that had already finished their homework when their sister Lily was out hunting eggs. A quiet night for all, really.

03-22-16_7-49-24 PM

And I took the time, in the quiet of everyone getting ready for bed, to plant the growfruit and get started on being able to collect my twenty.

03-22-16_7-49-47 PM

Over all, I think this Spring Challenge will be fun for our family, and be a nice treat for all of us. Being that it’s something we can all work towards. I will say though, I may send Mom and Lauryn to grab a couple more growfruit seeds so I can have more than one tree, since the seeds are only one per person. Hopefully they’ll be able to get one each.


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