2.24 Surprises Come in Pairs!

After a long day at school, Mom thought it would be a nice treat if Rose were to get some help on her homework. So she came over and sat down and insisted on helping her. Rose was already a B student, but she was striving toward being an A student. And so any help was welcome to get her there, at least I heard her say.

02-09-16_7-19-37 PM

I guess she felt that homework help wasn’t enough though, because from the study window I saw her outside by the wishing well. Bright, angry red light came from it and when she marched back inside she looked sad and angry. Not too much later I received a phone call that her grades had plummeted to D’s. I was very disappointed in her for trying to cheat her way into an A, when she had already been so close to one on her own merit.

She’ll have a long road ahead of her now that she dropped two letter grades. She begged me to talk to the teachers, but I doubt they’ll believe a magic well did this when miraculously they have paperwork backing it up. When that wishing well does something, he does it full force. Too bad she can’t crawl herself out of this hole.

02-09-16_7-50-20 PM

Lauryn felt tired and laid down to take a nap while Rose ranted to her brother about her grades. He doesn’t see the big deal, as he’s a solid C student and doesn’t really worry about it all that much.

I think I heard him talking about moving in with his Uncle Corvus soon too. Something about getting some life experience after his birthday. I’m not sure Lauryn and I will let him go all that easily, but it is a decision that she and I are going to have to discuss later.

02-09-16_8-05-49 PM

I didn’t get too much time to discuss it with her though, as shortly after she woke  up from her nap she went into labor.

Naturally, we packed everything up and headed straight away to the hospital.

02-09-16_8-09-29 PM

This labor went longer than any of our previous children, and I grew worried that it was taking so long. Though, Lauryn later laughed and said I always look like that, and to not fuss.

02-09-16_8-10-23 PM

Finally though, it was over. And the doctor congratulated us on our TWO new girls! We named them Lily and Ginny. Beautiful names for beautiful additions to our family.

Before my wife or I could go over and hold our daughters, this strange man wandered into the room and picked up Ginny. We’re not sure where he came from or why he was there, but it was most definitely strange. After we had him put our daughter down and back away, we packed up and went home with our beautiful twins.

02-09-16_8-11-33 PM

When we got home, Mom was already cooing over one of the cribs soon as she was settled in it. And while Scorpius was excited for his new sisters, neither Rose or Albus were happy to have more siblings. I think Rose was excited at the prospect of being the family heir and having no competition for the title. Now, not only does she have one sister to compete against, she has two.

02-09-16_8-13-11 PM

After people were done greeting, or pouting over the new additions to our family, Lauryn and I moved them into our room for easier watching after.

02-09-16_8-13-46 PM

We both are excited to have such beautiful daughters.

02-09-16_8-15-19 PM

I can’t wait to see how beautiful they are when their birthday rolls around.


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