2.23 Rose becomes a beautiful Girl

Lauryn decided to make a delicious lamb for dinner. Surprisingly enough, the popcorn maker always seems to be full, and never seems to spoil. It’s kind of amazing. Or maybe people are cleaning it out and making new batches. I’m not always hope to find out. Either way, this delicious lamb was perfect for dinner tonight.

01-27-16_8-03-44 PM

It smelled amazing, and is what ultimately lured me in from my plants. I was finally able to evolve one and now it’s doing grate. I’m thinking of getting a little more of a garden together and being able to splice plants together soon. And it’s so nice to have a little more time with my plants too. I love them so.

01-27-16_8-03-56 PM

Finally inside, I settled next to Lauryn to have some dinner. I’m not sure what she’s been getting into, but she was filthy when I came inside. I was amazed that she hadn’t stopped long enough to take a shower. She assured me that she would after dinner.

01-27-16_8-05-30 PM

After dinner, and Lauryn’s shower, we celebrated Rose’s birthday. She’s turned into a beautiful little girl. Though, Lauryn helped her pick out some new clothes. Rose had a few picky things to say about the state of the girls room and has put in a request for some new decorations. I told her we’d definitely look into it and work on that. So she was happy enough.

01-27-16_8-10-22 PM

After some quick clothes shopping out with her mother Rose came back in an almost completely new outfit. I think the only thing she kept was the skirt. I have a feeling she’ll make sure the girl’s room upstairs is purple with this make over, but I do want her happy. So we’ll be working with her to get the room better decorated.

01-27-16_8-16-13 PM

And before bed, she made sure to do her homework for tomorrow’s school day. She’s already such a good little girl.

01-27-16_8-16-34 PM

I just hope she stays this pleasent and happy when she meets her sister or brother. Lauryn is due to have the baby soon, and we’re excited.


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