2.22 Scorpius Goes Out

Abigail hasn’t let her age stop her from working on books. She’s actually been more dedicated to trying to finish her writing aspiration, being on the computer as much as she’s able to be, between taking care of her needs. The best sellers that she needs to produce to complete it though, have been eluding her. So far, none of her books have hit best seller status. Sometimes she gets frustrated, but in the end she just settles back down and focuses on writing more.

01-27-16_7-41-08 PM

Albus spent some time outside playing on the pirate ship before school. He had wanted Scorpius to play with him, but Scorpius, I learned after he got home, had decided he wasn’t going to school.

01-27-16_7-41-35 PM

Instead of going to school, Corvus called Scorpius and invited him out to Windenburg. I’m going to have a talk with Corvus, because Scorpius should be going to school, not out to pubs in the middle of the day.

01-27-16_7-48-58 PM

Scorpius said he had fun sitting at the bar and watching the bar tender make drinks, that he thought it would be a fun thing to learn.

01-27-16_7-49-37 PM

But he apparently caught something while sitting at the bar. He said he had little red spots all over, and his head felt funny.

01-27-16_7-49-48 PM

This didn’t stop him from hitting the dance floor with Corvus for a time though. The little scamp loves to dance his heart out, so that part didn’t surprise me.

01-27-16_7-50-24 PM

After a while though, as Corvus traded Scorpius’ attention in for a woman behind the bar, Scorpius decided to head home. Tired and sick.

01-27-16_7-52-58 PM

He’s lucky we had some medicine at home in the cabinet. He took some and felt better right away. Better enough that he had some cheddar popcorn while he finished his homework for school the next day.

01-27-16_7-54-26 PM

He promises that he won’t skip school again. I hope he’s right. His birthday is coming up, and he’ll be a teen soon. It will be more important for him to stay on track for a good job later on. Though Ara and Corvus are both making sure I know that maybe he should move in with them and make a little more space for the next generation that will run the house. With Rose still a baby, I’m not sure I like the idea of him moving out yet. I know he won’t be heir, but I’m not ready to let him go yet.


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