2.20 Baby Rose

So, just after dinner, Lauryn turned to me and with a pained face told me she had gone into labor. Without wasting a moment, we sped to the hospital so she could have the baby. She says I panicked again, I don’t think she was right. She can’t prove anything. I think I was a calm, wonderful father waiting to meet his new child.

She just chuckled and shook her head.

01-13-16_9-04-49 PM

Straight to the front desk we went, to make sure we got her all checked in. Everything went a little faster, with me higher up in the food chain of the hospital now. She even had a comfortable chair to sit in while we waited for the doctor to come in and lead her back to the room.

01-13-16_9-05-21 PM

Once the doctor arrived on the site, everything went like clockwork. The doctor helped Lauryn through everything and soon, we were naming the new addition to our family.

01-13-16_9-06-15 PM

Baby Rose.

We couldn’t think of a more perfect name for her. She’s sweet, and cute, and I had to scoop her up as soon as I was allowed.

01-13-16_9-07-02 PM

Of course, soon as Lauryn was ready, I made sure that our new daughter was handed right to her so she could get some quality time with the babe.

She’s just perfect, if you ask me.

01-13-16_9-07-14 PM

Perfect enough that I couldn’t help going out into the lobby and dancing out my job. A wonderful daughter, and most likely the perfect heir to the family.

01-13-16_9-07-30 PM

Or so I thought. There might be competition on the horizon for Rose. Lauryn and I couldn’t help but celebrate our new addition, and after a test she confirmed that she’s pregnant again! We’ll have to see if this new addition is a girl as well, someone to potentially challenge Rose for her crown as Blackmoore heir. But we still have time to love and coo over Rose before her sibling comes.

01-13-16_9-11-41 PM

Even mom was excited to see and care for the potential heir to her family line.

01-13-16_9-20-34 PM

There’s one thing I’m certain, Rose will be loved and well spoiled as she grows up.


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