2.19 Upgrading the House

Mom and I decided to discuss some house upgrades while she made popcorn with the new popcorn maker she ordered on the internet. Purple, to match the ice cream makers.

She was super excited to try it out, having heard only good things about it in the reviews she read. It makes four kinds of popcorn: buttered, cheddar, kettle and caramel corn. She decided to make a batch of the cheddar popcorn. And after a long day at work, I do have to admit that it smelled good while popping. We had a nice chat while she waited for it to be ready too. About how to decorate the basement, what we might want to do with the space down there.

01-13-16_8-20-07 PM

01-13-16_8-20-10 PM

01-13-16_8-20-34 PM

01-13-16_8-20-41 PM

01-13-16_8-20-47 PM

Her eyes just brightened up when the popcorn maker beeped and let her know that it was done, and ready for her to take a bowl.

01-13-16_8-20-58 PM

01-13-16_8-21-11 PM

I think it’s a serious hit. She loves it. And loves that we bought it.

01-13-16_8-21-48 PM

Even Pyxis loved it when he got home from work. And the boys came down smelling popcorn to grab a bowl as well. It’s a hit with everyone.

01-13-16_8-24-17 PM

Mom and I moved forward on the basement renovations too. We made the lower level a dance club like atmosphere. Dance floor, DJ booth, and bar. As well, we added a bathroom down there so they wouldn’t have to come upstairs to us a bathroom.

01-14-16_8-40-34 PM

And after some serious discussion, we added a family movie theater down stairs too, off the dance area, with a little hallway separating them so people can watch the movie in peace.

01-14-16_8-41-32 PM

These changes should make family time all the better.


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