2.18 Promotions!

Today, I knew there was a promotion on the table if I worked hard enough going into the day. So I made sure to try and get plenty of sleep, and I studied some before work, so I could go into work focused and energized about being at the office.

My first patient had these weird tiger strips on her, so I told her we’d get her tested and then I’d get her all healed up.

01-13-16_8-05-27 PM

We put her through the paces, so to speak. Checking her temperature, scanning her with the X-ray machine.

01-13-16_8-06-30 PM

Even checking her ears and eyes! And after all that, I was able to confirm the Llama Flu. Just a simple shot and we sent her on her way. 01-13-16_8-07-48 PM

She thanked me a lot, before she left to get on with her day, smiling now that she was cured.

My next patient was a little tougher. A lot of his tests were mixed and jumbled. But I stuck with it, retesting when the results were inconclusive. I wanted to go home knowing that this little boy would be home with his family tonight.

01-13-16_8-11-48 PM

And I was successful in tracking down that he had bloaty head, and was able to give him meds and send him home with his parents.

The day took a toll on me, working so hard. I even stayed late to make sure I was able to cure that little boy. And I passed ut two minutes before my shift was over. One of my co-workers was nice enough to help pick me off the floor and put me in a cab to get me home.

01-13-16_8-15-37 PM

When I woke up, the cab driver poking me to make sure I wasn’t dead, I noticed a letter congratulating me on my promotion! I have moved up in the chain of command, and my next requirement to move higher still is to cure two patients. It sounds easy, but sometimes the tests just don’t give me the results I like, so it may take me a while to work my way up the next step, but I’m excited that I have moved up!

01-13-16_8-16-50 PM

I came inside and told mom about the good news. She was so excited for me, she couldn’t contain herself. Even said that she’d cook a celebratory dinner tonight for us too!

01-13-16_8-18-03 PM

And it seems that good news floats around this family in joint efforts because while she came home tired, Lauryn couldn’t keep the smile off her face because she too had been promoted in her job.

01-13-16_8-41-27 PM

I’m so happy for both of us. Two promotions in one day! Who could have guessed our day would go so well!


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