Author Note 15 – Happy New Year!


Hi Everyone!

This is a couple days late due to not having internet connection for the first couple days of the New Year, but! Happy New Year to you all!

2015 saw me start this blog, and 2016 can only see it get better! I’m excited to continue this Legacy Challenge. I’m working on creating the characters for RoryPlaystheSims’s Disney Princess Bachelor Challenge, which once I’m done will be revealed soon. I think I have officially decided to run it as a blog, because I do love to write and get my creative on and there’s a lot that can be done with the blog that I’d like to explore, so stay tuned for that! It will have its own dedicated blog once I get to a point where I know that the Challenge will be updated and posted for on a regular bases. Soon. Soon. =) As well, I started a YouTube Channel where you can find my Rosebud Challenge and a Get Together Let’s Play. The Link for that channel is the little play button to the right of this post. And I am looking to start posting for my channel again now that I have internet.

Only good things for 2016, right folks! Happy New Year, and hope that you’re start to the New Year was as great as mine!


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