2.14 Disruption in the House

Today started off with some wonderful news. Lauryn came into the spare bedroom where I had just helped getting a far to tired brother into bed to make sure I was the first to know.

12-21-15_9-55-39 PM

She’s pregnant again!

We’re both extremely excited again. This time, she told me, she’s going to eat strawberries in the hopes of making sure that we have a girl. I can’t wait to finally have a daughter. Not that I don’t love my sons, but well, I can’t pass the legacy onto a boy. Mom made sure I knew that we had to pass the house and legacy onto a daughter. So hopefully those strawberries do the trick and we have a beautiful girl soon.

12-21-15_9-55-46 PM

After she told me, Albus started to cry. So I told Lauryn to rest and went in to take care of him. As I was rocking him back to sleep, the ghost of my father came into the room and buried himself in my bed.

12-21-15_9-58-12 PM

When I finally got him out from under the covers, he was a dark blue and looked sad. I really wasn’t sure why he was so sad, but it did make me sad seeing him like that.

12-21-15_9-58-34 PM

I tried to talk to him, get him to cheer up. But it didn’t work so well. He zipped through the wall and into the bathroom that’s attached to the old girl’s bedroom and then I heard the shower break.

12-21-15_9-59-57 PM

When he flew back into the bedroom, he was all red and angry. I’m not entirely sure what I did or said wrong to anger him though. He thankfully, floated down to see Mom, and that seemed to lift his spirits right up.

12-21-15_10-00-57 PM

And it seemed to lift her spirits up too, to be able to see him. Though, far too soon, the sun rose and Dad waved goodbye before floating through the back wall of the house.

12-21-15_10-01-49 PM

It’s a shame that he can’t stay during the day, especially since he didn’t seek mom out as early this visit, so he didn’t get a lot of time with her before he had to return to his grave.

12-21-15_10-01-59 PM

It’s also kind of sad to see him sink back into the ground until his next visit. Mom occasionally considers releasing his spirit so he won’t hang around here any more, but, at the same time, I think it does her some good to be able to see and talk to him when he does appear so I wouldn’t get rid of him just yet.


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