2.13 Relaxation and a Baby

Scorpius has been hard at work drawing at his little activity table. Being an artist really does run strong in this family. And while he worked on his art, his mother worked hard on her programming. She’s doing really well, and we’re hoping for a new promotion for her soon. And because most of her job is done at the computer, it means she’s comfy even while pregnant. We made sure the boss got her a chair with enough support for her back that she wishes she could bring it home.

Personally, I’m just glad that they’re taking such good care of her at the office.

12-21-15_9-28-00 PM

Pyxis made sure to get in a good stretch before his shift today too. Mom buying the yoga mat and meditation stool has been a real help for all of us. We’re all slowly working out in our own ways. Though, Mom made a comment about possibly starting to jog soon too. I told her she still looked beautiful. Because she does. There’s no need to worry.

12-21-15_9-31-14 PM

After work, Lauryn took a bath. I think this is her favorite purchase in the house, really. It does bubble baths, but we can also use it for all the soaks that our spa in the business district has too, which is nice. No needing to leave the house for a nice rose petal soak or oatmeal bath.

Originally we were supposed to move downstairs after mom passed, take over the master bedroom. But Lauryn told me unless we get another tub and put it down there, she’s not moving downstairs away from the tub. I’m sure if I worked it out we could fit another tub down there for her eventually.

12-21-15_9-43-14 PM

The next day, with it being our days off, we both sat side by side and worked on our work stuff for most of the afternoon. It meant monopolizing the computers a little, but if it means a promotion, I think everyone is happier for it in the end. Promotion means more money, after all.

Though, just as Lauryn was finishing, she went into labor.

12-21-15_9-49-28 PM

We got to the hospital straight away.

I completely understand why mom said that dad was always panicked. It’s a stressful day, wanting your wife to get the best care, and watching the hospital staff take forever to check her in. And it’s kind of almost worse that I know the staff, because I know that sometimes they’re just lazy about getting things done.

12-21-15_9-50-13 PM

Luckily, they seem to have a little more priority for people in labor than they do for the sick. So Lauryn was seen in a decent amount of time. Then in the delivery room, the doctor pulled out the heart for a brief second. He chuckled and waved my worry away, saying it was fine, happened all the time.

12-21-15_9-51-22 PM

I’m not entirely sure it should happen all the time, but at least she and the baby came out of it alright.

12-21-15_9-52-20 PM

Lauryn and I were able to welcome a beautiful new baby boy into this world. We’ve named him Albus.


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