2.12 Corvus Parties It Up

After work one day Lauryn, Corvus, and I were all talking in the kitchen when he got a call on his cell phone. Apparently Sirius was calling him to let him know about a party that was going on out at the ruins in Windenburg. And with not having too much to worry about, Corvus said yes to going and packed up his stuff and headed out. He said to not wait up for him, which we definitely wouldn’t do. Last time Pyxis came home from a party in Windenburg, it was almost time to go to work again.

But hey, if they’re having fun, that’s most of what matters, right?

12-21-15_9-17-29 PM

He said the party was a little dead when he first arrived. To me, that means that he was just early. Most parties take a little to warm up, and to be fair it’s not a short drive out to the ruins. He did say the DJ book looked pretty awesome, and that he’d love to be able to invest in one. He also mentioned that they had a fog machine with it, that made the dance floor out there smokey and very mysterious looking.

12-21-15_9-19-15 PM

Over all, it sounded very fun, and it’s a shame that I didn’t go with him. But after a shift, I just didn’t have the energy to go out and party until dawn. But apparently Sirius did, which is why he invited Corvus.

12-21-15_9-19-28 PM

Coruvs gave me this shot of the ruins that he was abel to snag. And I do have to admit that all lit up at night, they do look stunning. I told Lauryn we may have to try and get out there later and explore them. It’d be fun to take our kids, once the one is born and a little older. She agreed, of course. She also mentioned that we should consider making a club of our own too. It’s the whole new thing out in Windenburg, to have a club.

Mom thought a club that will continue for generations would be best. We’ll have to see how that might work though.


12-21-15_9-20-10 PM

Back to Corvus, he said he had a wonderful time getting down to the music. And was really inspired to dance with all the people that finally showed up.

12-21-15_9-20-57 PM

Though, he and Sirius did clear out the dance floor so they could do a dance together, one that had them moving together. He said it really got everyone moving and cheering for them.

12-21-15_9-21-36 PM

All the dancing wore Sirius out though, and he ended up having to take a nap on one of the near by benches. While he was taking a nap, Corvus met the woman who runs the Partihaus club. They had a pretty nice chat, and Corvus said he was hoping that she’d invite him to join the club soon. I wish him luck for that one.

12-21-15_9-22-59 PM

Apparently I did a fantastic job healing Sage, because even she showed up at this party.

12-21-15_9-23-33 PM

Corvus said he met a bunch of new people, and he’s really excited to get to know more of them. But by the end of it he was extremely tired as well.

12-21-15_9-24-31 PM

He came home just as the sun was rising on the horizon. So while he went to bed, everyone else was once again getting up to go to work or school. This family’s teenagers definitely have an interesting way of partying ever since the traveling to Windenburg got so much easier.

12-21-15_9-26-24 PM

I think I may try to take Lauryn out to the clubs for a date soon. Maybe after she has our next baby. With her in her third trimester, I do think she’d enjoy the club as much as if she weren’t in it at all.


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