2.11 Holiday Start


It’s always weird here this time of year. While most of the world is getting snow and a chill in the air, we here in Willow Creek don’t get any of that. I’m hoping one day we’ll be able to experience snow, that maybe we can take a family vacation somewhere to be able to let the kids play in it. Lauryn said I was only dreaming, that we don’t have enough money to travel far enough to be able to see snow. It’s just too warm here in Willow Creek. And we are right next door to Oasis Springs, which is a thriving desert community, so it’s no wonder that we don’t get snow.

And she does have a good point. You never see snow in the desert. But we can at least decorate like we’ll get snow. So the family spent a good portion of the day decorating the house and making it look festive.

Though, I do have to say I think the snowmen look a little sad on the very lush, green lawn.

12-21-15_8-59-32 PM

Leo and I put up the tree. We found one at the store hat was all gold and thought it looked awesome. Mom thought there should be a little more green on it, so we added green ornaments. And then of course, we put the presents under it. I’ve already spotted Lauryn day dreaming about being able to finally open them and see what’s in her boxes. But it’s just not time yet. She’ll have to just admire them from the couch.

12-21-15_8-59-49 PM

Corvus also found these really cool wall decals at the store, so we picked those up. Mom really loves how they look like they’re falling from the sky with how we put them up. She thought we should have gotten a few more to be able to decorate them around the house a little easier. But, well, we bought what we felt we could afford. We’re still saving up to make the basement a bar and dance area, after all. And we wouldn’t mind being able to have a pool too.

12-21-15_9-00-03 PM

Before work, since Lauryn and I are no longer working at the hospital together, we spent the morning side by side, doing a little research for our respective jobs. Hers is to mod games and work on programming now, and I have to say that she looks much happier doing the work. Plus, she can do a lot of the fun parts of work at home. It’s been a real skill boost to have her in a profession she actually loves doing.

12-21-15_9-03-08 PM

Work was kind of slow in the morning. I only had one patient, so I was able to really focus on him. Making sure to run all the tests and really get as close to the correct diagnosis as I possibly could.

12-21-15_9-05-16 PM

I even had him take the treadmill test.

12-21-15_9-06-19 PM

It all lead up to me finding a guaranteed diagnosis. I was able to not only pick the correct illness as my diagnosis, I was able to treat him as well. It was all very effective and he was grateful that I was able get him feeling better.

12-21-15_9-07-48 PM

There weren’t anyone in any of the beds so I went out front to check on if we even had any patients. And wow, was I surprised. Apparently our front desk ghost isn’t all that great at checking in patients. He was on the phone while everyone stood waiting to be seen. Seeing my sister-in-law Sage in line, I waved her over and checked her in myself.

12-21-15_9-08-06 PM

Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one working here at the hospital. But then, with a lobby full of people, it’s hard to think otherwise. Most of the people milled about while waiting for the ghost to check them in. I would help, but I wanted to get Sage on her feet again so she could get back to my brother and her son.

12-21-15_9-10-18 PM

The treadmill test didn’t do too much to help me figure out what she had, so we had to go onto other tests.

12-21-15_9-10-26 PM

All in all, I was able to fix her up and send her on her way home before dinner. For the rest of my shift, I sequestered myself in the analytics lab and practiced on the machine. I’m hoping that I can get better at it, so I can guarantee my diagnosis every time I see a patient.

12-21-15_9-14-11 PM

The end of my shift came far too late, but part of that was because I chose to stay late to help Sage. But I was beat, so heading home to that nice bubble bath waiting for me was a nice way to end my day.


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