2.10 Pyxis Goes Out

The day started out pretty quietly. The boys at school and my wife and I at work, leaving mom at home to just do as she liked for most of the day. Right around dinner time she decided to make a rack of lamb. Being the expert cook that she is, it was almost nothing for her to be able to pull off before we got home.

12-13-15_9-50-30 AM

Personally, I don’t get how she can be so good at cooking. She’s nearly flawless.

12-13-15_9-50-59 AM

But she puts it all together, with her knowledge from raising us all, and it comes out delicious and perfect.

12-13-15_9-51-28 AM

I think it’s the best thing to come home to after a long day. And I know that my brothers agree.

12-13-15_9-51-33 AM

Though, I will say that we need to try and get back into using the table again, and eating like a family. I miss sitting around the table and talking, instead of being all spread out like we ended up being.

12-13-15_9-52-00 AM

Just after dinner, as soon as Pyxis got home, before he could grab a plate, he got a call from a friend about a Knight’s night down at one of the pubs in the town just a short drive away called Windenburg. So he headed down there straight away. He said he needed a little more time and fun right now.

12-13-15_9-55-19 AM

Because you had to be dressed like a knight to get half off the drinks, he made sure to make a quick stop and grab his own suit of armor on the way. Luckily there’s a 24 hour knighthood store in town too. These new Knight nights were becoming a real fad. And, well, he thinks he looks rather stunning in his armor.

12-13-15_9-55-40 AM

Dressed appropriately, he headed down from the bathroom and played a few pub games, including foosball with some other well knighted people. He seemed to really hit it off with some of the people there, becoming quick friends.

12-13-15_9-56-15 AM

And of course, while he was out he grabbed a quick drink and a little bite to eat to tide him over until he got home. The knights closed down the pub in the wee hours of the morning.

12-13-15_9-57-37 AM

Even though he was tired, he had heard of another nightclub in town on the water so he decided to check it out. Sadly for him, though probably lucky at the same time, the place was dead due to everyone going home.

12-13-15_10-00-23 AM

So he snapped a quick shot of the club from the outside as the sun rose before coming home.

12-13-15_10-00-31 AM

Everyone could tell how tired he was from the way he dragged himself through the front door just in time for everyone else to be getting up and some breakfast before school. Mom was nice enough to tell him to head up to bed and she’d write him an excuse note for school so he could make sure to get a good day’s sleep.

12-13-15_10-01-45 AM

After he dragged himself upstairs, we sat around and talked for a while before everyone had to go onto their days be it work or school.

12-13-15_10-02-27 AM

And secretly, I think mom likes the idea of Pyxis staying home so she can take care of him when he finally wakes up later today. Gives her a little more to do. And it’s good to see her happy.


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