2.9 Bitty Update


Life has been pretty good with Scorpius. He doesn’t cry or fuss too much. Which has been incredibly nice since I’ve been working long hours at the hospital.

I’ve been trying really hard, and working myself to the bone, to make sure that the uppers notice me so that I can get a promotion. Which, I finally did! I starting on my next shift I can test patients on the treadmill, and even diagnosis my own patients. Gone are the days that I had to wait around and hope an on call doctor came in so I could transfer cases. No. Now I can read my own test results, and figure out what’s wrong with my patients all on my own.

11-22-15_9-17-59 AM

Lauryn, after some long hours in front of the computer programming, decided that she didn’t want to be an R.N. anymore. We sat down, and had a long talk about it, and she told me that she thinks that she’d be much happier in a technology career, being that she loves computers and everything about them. I told her, if that’s what makes her happy, then she should follow that career instead. So she quit her job at the hospital and started a new job at a tech support center. It’s a low totem job right now, but I’m positive that with her love for computers she’ll scale the corporate ladder in no time.

And one of her co-workers even told her if she stuck with the job long enough they’ll give her a computer to use at home for work. Something far better than anything we can buy at the store. So she’s excited to show her worth and bring that home.

We also discussed it, and decided that it was time for another baby. So after a few nights of trying she took a test and found out that we’re expecting again. It’s so exciting to grow our family again.

11-22-15_9-18-45 AM

At work, I’m striving to do my very best. The better I do, the higher up I can move in my own career. And you have no idea how happy I was to be able to do more for my patients, to be there for them from check in to medication to seeing them off home. And using the treadmill machine to test them was so great. I love having something new to try, and a new way to find out what’s going on with my patients.

11-22-15_9-30-43 AM

Even Pxyis got a job to help out around the house. With Leo and Corvus following their artistic passions, it hasn’t left a lot of time for them to get jobs, but their practice paintings and books still earn us money. Pxyis hasn’t told me what he wants to do with his life yet, but he went out and got a job at a fast food place to try and help out with some of the bills. He said he knows, having three teenage boys in the house we’re going through a lot more food so he was happy to work out and help. Plus, he likes being able to get out of the house and meet some new people.

I’m just glad that he’s happy too.

11-22-15_9-35-59 AM

And after a long day at work, I came home and we all celebrated baby Scorpius’ birthday. He’s turned into a handsome young man, if I do say so myself. He does have more of his mother’s traits than mine, from what I can see. We’ll see how he ages as he grows. Though, he does seem to have the Blackmoore artistic streak as all he’s wanted to do so far, when not at school, is color at one of the activity tables in the kid’s room.

11-22-15_9-39-16 AM

Lauryn and I, much as we love our little boy, are hoping for a girl this next time around. So I’m crossing my fingers tight, because she should be having the baby soon.


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