Author Note 14 – Thinking of Something New

me lone

Hey everyone! Just a quick note, and a curious question for you lovely readers today.

For starters, I started up a YouTube channel with a couple Let’s Plays. The first being a Rosebud Channel the second being just a fun Get Together Let’s Play to explore all that Windenburg has to offer. You can find my channel Here!

The question for you all is, after spending two days watching RoryPlaystheSims’s Disney Bachelor Challenge on marathon for a couple days I kind of love and am very inspired to do my own. (and if you haven’t seen hers, you should definitely check it out here)

First question is, should I?

Second question is, should I Let’s Play it via YouTube or try and make it a blog?

Leave the answers in the comments!


4 thoughts on “Author Note 14 – Thinking of Something New

    • Thanks for the vote. I was thinking I might have more fun with it if it was a blog, because there can be more drama and actual dialogue added. with ‘confessionals’ at the like.


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