2.8 Things Ghosts Can Do

So, it was a shock to me. I was fixing the toilet off the main room of the house and when I came out Dad’s ghost was sitting at the table eating a piece of mom’s cheesecake. I didn’t even know the ghost of dad was around, let alone could actually eat real food. That was an incredible shock to me. I didn’t really know what to do, if I should say hi or just slip past and head upstairs to bed.

In the end, I said hi and then slipped upstairs. I was exhausted enough that part of me wondered if seeing him was just some kind of hallucination caused by over exertion.

11-22-15_8-52-42 AM

Though, seeing Mom sit down and start to talk to him as I was headed upstairs pretty much told me right away that it wasn’t just me that saw him. No, he was definitely real. As real as a ghost could be. Sitting in our dining area, eating the food that mom had made.

I just, still have a hard time believing it, even though I’ve seen it with my own two eyes.

11-22-15_8-53-05 AM

Lauryn said she saw Mom take a picture with Dad’s ghost after he’d turned pink. The color of flirtation. Some how, that felt the most easy to believe considering Mom and Dad’s love. For them to be flirty felt completely natural.

And I do have to say that seeing her smile was the happiest I’ve seen her in a long time. Being able to spend time with dad.

11-22-15_8-54-22 AM

I even heard from Lauryn that Mom and Dad’s ghost were able to go to the bedroom and get a little physical. And that particularly, I had a hard time believing. Can ghosts do that? I don’t believe her.

It can’t be happening. Right?

Someone tell me that my wife is wrong, that mom can’t woohoo with a ghost…

11-22-15_8-54-54 AM

The next day Lauryn went about making every one dinner since she had the day off from work. It was a nice treat to come home to. And she’s almost as much of a whiz in the kitchen as mom, which is an accomplishment. And tells me that our family will be well fed for many more moons.

She did point at me and say that I need to make sure to be able to cook mac and cheese without setting the house on fire so if she wants a night off from cooking she can have it. I told her I’d definitely work on my cooking skills. Maybe see if I could watch the cooking channel on my next day off to learn a few tips and tricks too.

11-22-15_9-07-30 AM

After we had dinner, Mom made Pxyis a tiered birthday cake and we all gathered to watch him blow out his candles.

11-22-15_9-11-46 AM

He was so happy to have his birthday, finally. He said he’d been waiting for it ever since Leo and Corvus were able to have their birthdays. And he also said he can’t wait to get out into that world and get some real life experience. I told him the real life experience tends to come after the next birthday, once they grow up into an adult. But he didn’t believe me all that much.

11-22-15_9-15-54 AM

He’ll learn.

Also, I ended up talking to a co-worker about it a few days later and they said I should be happy that he’s just spending time with mom and eating our food, because they had a ghost that started to break things around the house.


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