2.7 Life Keeps Going

So, I’ve been working really hard at my job. It’s a tedious day some times, testing patients, running swab samples, and x-raying them to try and get closer and closer to diagnosing what they have so we can get them treated and on their way home. Though, I’m doing really well with the x-ray machines now. If I’m not scanning patients in them, my co-workers are asking me to calibrate them to make sure they’ll read as accurately as possible.

11-22-15_8-27-00 AM

Though, today was hard because we had so many sick patients, and no doctors on call. The nurse and I had to cover as best we could, and tell them that they’d have to spend the night until we could make sure they were getting their correct medications. It was hard, and quite a few grumbled. Especially since we had a full house waiting to be treated and let to go home.

But when we don’t have an attending doctor on staff, and I can’t diagnose patients yet, there’s not too much else that I can do for them. Save to make sure their charts are updated after all the tests, they’re fed, and they’re as comfortable as we can make them.

11-22-15_8-28-39 AM

After I got home, I saw Leo talking to mom in the kitchen. They seem to be having a good chat. Though it wasn’t long before mom told him to go ahead and use her painting easel for his work. She was more than happy to share it, since they both share a love of painting.

11-22-15_8-35-40 AM

Shortly after I got home, Lauryn got home as well. She and I talked about work. Even she was frustrated that there wasn’t any doctor on call, and she was stuck helping the emergency room all day or she would have come out to help diagnose patients for me. I love that she gets it, gets all the frustration of the job that I go through. It’s nice to be able to share that with someone.

11-22-15_8-39-32 AM

Though with a computer free, she said she was going to spend some time working on programming, since she really enjoyed that hobby. I sat and talked with mom for a while while Leo painted and Corvus tried to finish writing the children’s book he’s been writing. Mom thinks he just needs to stick with it, the better he gets the easier it will be for him to write, she’s sure. She said that’s how she was in the beginning too. But now, she can sit through an entire writing session before she has to get up.

11-22-15_8-40-54 AM

Soon enough though, Lauryn waddled over to me and told me it was time to go to the hospital, that the baby was coming. I drove us there quickly. She said she was just glad that I didn’t start to panic until we were standing in front of the hospital. I told her I really had no idea what she was talking about, and that I didn’t panic in the slightest.

She murmured something about photo evidence and moved to the front desk to get checked in.

11-22-15_8-42-36 AM

It wasn’t long before we were seen and taken back to the room. The doctor on call was very efficient, and soon enough they were telling us that it was a baby boy! We have a son!

11-22-15_8-44-28 AM

We named him Scorpius. Lauryn giggled when she named him, she loves that even though I was named after the constellation in the sky, it fits with the Harry Potter theme we agreed to. Our first child, and me being Draco, to name him Scorpius. She said she already knows she wants her first daughter to be named Ginny, and she hopes that the girl has red hair like mine when we have one.

I hope so too.

11-22-15_8-45-16 AM

Even Mom came upstairs to welcome the new generation into the house.

11-22-15_8-46-48 AM

Baby Scorpius will have a wonderful life here. We’ll make sure of it.


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