2.3b – Small Words

So, I know I passed this blog onto Draco, but I couldn’t help but sneaking in a quick post because of what happened the night he had his fiancee stay over.

I had told them good night, and they waved good night to me as well. I slept pretty soundly until about 2 a.m. Hearing something in the main room, I peaked out to see if maybe one of the boys had gotten up to snag some food, or maybe if Lauryn was having trouble sleeping here for the first night.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw who it was. Brennen, returned to me, at least for the night. He had a green-ish glow to him, and was transparent, so I knew it wasn’t really him but more a ghost of him. But that didn’t stop my heart from beating faster in my chest for seeing him. He even looked as handsome as he did when we’d met. I couldn’t believe it.

11-12-15_8-08-13 PM

I slipped out into the kitchen where he was and called his name softly, hoping not to spook him. And I feel silly for even saying that. Like I could possibly spook a ghost. But I didn’t want to risk the chance that he might flit away if startled, trying to sneak around the house as he was.

He even remembered me, which I had hoped he would. And it felt weird, like hugging cold air, but I was even able to give him a hug. It felt amazing to be able to touch him again, even if an ever present chill numbed my skin while I did it.

11-12-15_8-08-51 PM

We sat and talked until it was almost time for the sun to come up. He said he had to be going, that he wouldn’t be able to stay once the sun came up. So we said goodbye and he promised to visit again soon. But he did say it was hard sometimes, so I had to be patient.

11-12-15_8-10-25 PM

I know Draco has tried to help me grieve as he can, but this was what I’d needed. To be able to see Brennen, to be able to really say goodbye to him. While I wait with baited breath for him to return one night so I might see and talk to him again, I also feel more at piece with his death now than ever before for being able to talk to him.


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