2.3 Moving Fast

This morning I got a wonderful surprise when I heard a knock on the door. Andromeda stopped by for a little family time and to check on Mom.

11-12-15_7-56-16 PM

It even perked mom right up and she came out to spend some time with everyone out on the front lawn. We had an amazing time catching up. She even told us that she’d stopped by Orion’s place and learned that Sage was pregnant with their first. It sounds so exciting.

11-12-15_7-56-56 PM

Shortly after Andromeda left, Lauryn stopped by to hang out since we both had days off. We’ve been hanging out more and more on breaks and between shifts, and while some might say it’s too fast, I thought it was just fast enough. I’d already popped over to a jewelry store, so with her stopping by, I just had to swallow my worry and do it.

So I got down on one knee…

11-12-15_8-00-52 PM

And I proposed to her. She was surprised, I don’t think she saw it coming.

11-12-15_8-00-57 PM

But she said yes. She also said it was the most beautiful ring she’d ever seen.

11-12-15_8-01-05 PM

So naturally, she leapt into my arms to celebrate our engagement. I also asked her to spend the night with me, now that we were engaged. And she said yes to that as well.

11-12-15_8-01-14 PM

Mom was even feeling up beat enough that she made us one of her gourmet meals for dinner as a celebration to the engagement. And we spent the rest of the night letting Mom get to know Lauryn.

11-12-15_8-02-15 PM

So far, I think this adulting I’ve been doing has been going pretty well. Mom’s back on her feet, mostly, and I now have a beautiful, amazing fiancee.


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