1.49 Orion’s Wedding


I think we made the right decision to have Orion’s wedding here at the house. There is nothing as special as watching your little boy grow up into a man, and then marry the woman he loves. And it was such a blessing that we could have the whole family over for the wedding.

Brennen and I made sure that everything we might need was there. Including this beautiful wedding arch.

They shared their vows, and then exchanged rings.

11-04-15_8-10-30 PM

And then of course, sealed their love with a kiss.

11-04-15_8-10-36 PM

It was incredibly romantic to watch. With Brennen being so old, he wasn’t able to stand for too long after the vow exchange. So he wandered into the house to make sure the caterer was making food.

11-04-15_8-09-49 PM

And once the ceremony was over, we all came inside and watched them cut the cake. I made the cake, not because the caterer wouldn’t, but because I wanted it to be a special treat from my son to me. I know how much he loves my cakes, after all.

11-04-15_8-15-20 PM

After cake, we all had a wonderful time just talking and reconnecting as a family. It feels like ages since I’ve seen my daughters.

11-04-15_8-11-48 PM

And they were able to get to know their younger siblings too. It was a wonderful time for celebrations.

11-04-15_8-11-52 PM

I know we hired a bartender, but I couldn’t find her all night. So I went out and made a few drinks for the guests.

Though, layout wise, I may make sure to move things around for next time. Have the arch in the back yard, and maybe a small outdoor kitchen with tables and chairs and things. Make it a wonderful place so we can have more weddings here in the future. And have everything work out wonderfully.

It’s funny how after an event like this, you’re always thinking of new ways to improve the property.

11-04-15_8-13-07 PM

The party lasted well into the night. With everyone staying so late, I let the youngest of my boys stay up to party for a little longer, but it got to a point where even I had to send them off to bed. They were starting to fall asleep in their food, and that’s just where we draw the line.

11-04-15_8-13-49 PM

I was able to snap a few candid shots of my lovely bride and groom before they headed back to their little house down the street.

11-04-15_8-15-36 PM

They really do look so happy.

11-04-15_8-15-39 PM

The next day Sage and Sirius came by to tell me what a wonderful wedding it was. Sage was so grateful that we’d made everything nice for her, and that we took care of all the costs. It’s been hard on her since her parents passed away, and really, I was happy to do it for Orion. Sirius also apologized that he didn’t let me have a wedding like this for him.


I think he’s realized all the moments he missed out on when he eloped with Kassandra.

11-04-15_8-24-34 PM

I told Sage and Sirius both that they shouldn’t be strangers, and that they should definitely feel welcome to stop by any time. They’re family. And that means the world to me and their siblings.


3 thoughts on “1.49 Orion’s Wedding

  1. They make a really cute couple! And I love it. I’m totally going to set up a place for more weddings to happen in the future. And, as a plus, it got a gold medal!


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