1.48 Orion’s Love Life

Taking over for mom for a day. She had complained that she wasn’t really getting to know my life now that I’m getting older so I figured I’d share it with her. And then I thought, why not take to the form of sharing that she loves so much and just share it with everyone.

For starters, I think she told everyone that I got a job. After some serious pushing, I finally went out into the world and really took a look at my options for a job. And I walked away with a job that pays decent, though I can’t really talk too much about it to anyone. Even family. Secrets are the trade for my new job, but Mom is being really supportive about it. Dad though, he’s always asking me, trying to get me to slip up and tell him things. It’s just too bad that I can’t actually tell him too much.

While I was out job hunting I met a beautiful girl named Sage. We hit it off, and after I bought her some coffee she gave me her number. We’ve been going out at night after my job for a while now. Then one night she invited me over and cooked me dinner. It was amazing and wonderful to be able to get away from the noise of my house and focus on her.

10-31-15_1-21-13 PM

We were able to sit and just talk, really get to know each other for the night. She told me her plans for the future, and I told her mine. Both of us wanted a small family. I love my siblings, but I also see how mom really hasn’t been able to live her life with taking care of all of us, even when us older siblings help out around the house. And I do want kids of my own, but I’m not sure that I want more than one or two. Sage was on the same page, only wanting a couple at most. She still hasn’t figured out what she wants to do with her life yet, and hasn’t found the right job. But she’s been working several different jobs as a temp, hoping the bouncing from one to the next will help her find the one she’s really made for.

10-31-15_1-22-31 PM


That first night at her place I made sure to grab a picture of the two of us for safe keeping. Truthfully, by this point, I hadn’t really told mom about Sage. She’d seen her around the house a little here and there, I know, but Mom didn’t exactly know the extent of our relationship. I saw everything Mom went through with Sirius and Kassandra and didn’t want her worrying or trying to set rules on me as an adult. Since most of our time together was after work, Sage didn’t really push to meet my family.

10-31-15_1-25-03 PM

That first night in her house we shared a lot. It led to a hug…

10-31-15_1-25-37 PM

And a kiss good night.

10-31-15_1-26-55 PM

And that first night led to several nights where I stayed over at her little place. Having to grab a shower and leave for work from there instead of my parent’s place.

10-31-15_1-28-18 PM

And over time, I have found myself spending more and more nights and days with her at her house. It lead me to propose to her.

10-31-15_1-32-20 PM

Naturally, she said yes.

10-31-15_1-32-28 PM

We both agreed that unlike my brother, we wanted to have a real wedding. Not to just elope without family. While her family lived far away, and probably wouldn’t be able to make it, I wanted her to be part of my family. So that night we celebrated our engagement.

10-31-15_1-32-39 PM

And the next night she came over to the house and we announced it to my family. My Mom was happy for me, she even said we should look into having the wedding here at the house in the backyard. She said she’d see if she could work on sprucing it up for us in time. Sage and I thought that was a wonderful idea. And Mom even invited Sage to stay the night and really get to know the family.

10-31-15_1-57-18 PM

Over all, Sage is a good fit for me. We love each other, and she gets that I can’t talk too much about my job. Plus, she really got along well with my family. We’re happy, and Mom is happy for me. And I can’t wait to see where my future takes me with my future bride.


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