1.47 Fixin’ Up the Place

So Brennen and I have put a lot of money into fixing up the house and making it look beautiful. It helps that with Pyxis being the last of our kids we can save a little more money towards things like this, but Orion and Draco working also helped to fund this little project. They were happy to help too. After all. They live here as well and want the place to be nice for them too.

The first floor got a face lift, and we moved a couple walls around. And I also found a rug sale, so I went a little crazy with it.

10-29-15_9-34-31 AM

We moved the television out of the kitchen/living area, and made the room a little bigger so that we could fit more counter space in there. It will be much better for any parties that we host in the future, I’m sure. Because there’s more counter space, we added some bar stools along it, which sorry to say you can’t see from this angle. We also added a more adult sitting area for talking as well.

10-29-15_9-34-40 AM

Brennen and I made our master bedroom a little bigger as well to give us both a little more space for us. We even found these really nice end tables for either side of the bed. They light up with a touch, but not too much to wake the other person in bed, so if one of us is sleeping and the other has to get up in the middle of the night, we’re not tripping over things.

10-29-15_9-34-51 AM

The play area and nursery walls were taken in a little. Original the room had been two bedrooms, and it always kept that split carpet and wallpaper feel. Brennen and I felt it was time to make it one cohesive room. So we put up fresh wall paper, new carpet, and we moved got a new couch and put the television in there.

10-29-15_9-35-00 AM

The inspiration room took some of the space that used to be the play room so we could fit that grand piano Brennen purchased earlier. We had a talk, and we wanted to keep all the music in one room, and since he plays and I write or paint it made sense to keep it all in the same room so we could talk or I could at least listen while he played.

10-29-15_9-35-06 AM

Even the second floor got a few upgrades. We were able to add a second adult bedroom, and even had some space left over for a little porch on the front. I think it will be a lovely place to watch the stars at night. Brennen and I both agreed that we’ll have to take some tea up and sit out there tonight now that all the work is done on the house.

10-29-15_9-35-17 AM

Well. Most of the work. We had enough in the budget for the crew to add a basement to our house. We just don’t have enough to furnish it quite yet.

Orion and Draco think that some shelves to show off our collections would be a good idea, they also think turning it into a bar and den would be perfect. So seating, music, a bar, a television that isn’t a penguin, and shelves are all on our to buy list once we save up a little more.

10-29-15_9-35-26 AM

I think the house has come together nicely, and I don’t think that the future generations will have to change it too much, but I guess we’ll see. Orion was also talking about maybe a small side building to put that photography studio sitting in our side yard in. I wouldn’t object to that, really. I think it’d be nice ot have it indoors too. And of course the kids want a pool. That one, we’ll have to see. First step is to finish furnishing the basement.


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