Author Note 11 – Heir Polling!

me lone

Hello wonderful readers! While Abigail still has her whole adult life, I wanted to start thinking about heirs now that she’s done having children.

So I wanted to really start having people vote for who they think should take over as heir. Because Orion isn’t getting any younger, and Draco will soon be joining him in young adulthood. Which means? Poll time!

Who should be Heir? – Results will be posted next Wednesday, November 4th.

(Straw Poll Here, if poll isn’t loading on the blog – votes will be tallied from both and added together.)


For reminders:




Currently: Young Adult

Aspiration: Successful Lineage

Traits: Art Lover, Lazy, Clumsy









Currently: Teen

Aspiration: Freelance Botanist

Traits: Art Lover, Clumsy






Younger three, if chosen, would wait until they’re at least teens to be voted on.

Pyxis Leo Corvus


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