1.46 Last of the Brood

Draco’s been having a hard time at school, though he won’t tell me why. He just comes home every day grumbling and fussing about things. So I took him outside and showed him my yoga mat. With being pregnant, I can’t exactly use it right now, and I told him, if he’s good I’ll get him one of his own after the last of his siblings is born. He begrudgingly agreed to use my pink mat.

Over all though, despite the grumbles about it being pink, he seems to really enjoy doing yoga. And it does seem to really calm him down.

10-16-15_4-10-38 PM

A few days after moving out, Sirius visited. Orion, with not having a job, was able to answer the door and spend the afternoon chatting with Sirius. I heard some of their conversation, and it was complaining that Brennen and I expect him to get a job. Sirius just nudged him and told him that’s what growing up is all about. You have to get out there and be a go-getter, and made sure that Orion knew that with Brennen getting older, I’m going to need more help around the house. Money doesn’t exactly grow on trees, after all.

I think having it come from Sirius really got to him. Because after Sirius left, Orion started looking around for a job. He said he found one, but that because of a strict non-disclosure agreement, he wasn’t allowed to really talk about it. Just that he will be leaving at 7am and getting home at 3pm with a paycheck. I’m a little nervous what he’s actually doing, but so long as no harm comes to him, and he’s bringing in money, I won’t press him for answers too hard.

10-16-15_4-11-55 PM

Andromeda called me while I was working on my newest book too, and we had a nice chat over the phone while she caught me up on everything that’s been going on with her. It’s always nice to be able to have chats with my kids, and hear about what they’re doing. She also told me that I should check out Ara’s blog, because she thought that I would love it. So I’ll have to do that soon. See what my baby girl is doing with her days.

10-16-15_4-12-11 PM

I think Draco heard Sirius’ little talk with Orion while he was doing his yoga outside too, because the next morning, Draco got up at 5am and headed out to work the morning shift at the local coffee stand. I think it’s incredibly sweet and responsible of him to get up that early and get a job. I just hope that his schoolwork won’t suffer for it.

10-16-15_4-23-08 PM

That day, Brennen spent most of the day, when not napping, upgrading appliances around the house. Anything and everything that could be upgraded, was. I think it’s sweet of him to spend the time doing that, though with the electronics, it does worry me that he might electrocute himself. So far, we’ve been lucky. And once he was done with our television, he said all that was left was some plumbing that could be upgraded. I’m not so worried about that, so at least I know I can relax from here on out.

10-16-15_4-28-38 PM

Once everyone was home from school, and Orion was home from work, Andromeda stopped by to pay us a visit.

Not that I’m complaining, but it really seems like they’re spending more time calling and visiting after they move out than when they were still living here. It’s just a very interesting observation.

10-16-15_4-31-52 PM

And another book finished, after Andromeda went home for dinner. I had asked her to stay, but she said another time, because she had plans with Ara. I look forward to seeing her on that other time, and am thrilled to get another book signed off with a publisher.

10-16-15_4-35-21 PM

We had a quiet dinner, the boys taking their food at the table while Brennen and I settled on the couch to talk over our meal. We discussed some of what he wanted once he died, that he’d like to be buried on the back of the property. I felt a pang in my heart having to discuss it, but he has a point that sooner or later it’s going to become an issue. So it’s always good to have a plan.

It just means that I’ll have to walk the property and find a nice spot, maybe have Draco help since he does love working with plants. See if we can get a nice tree back there and get it growing.

10-16-15_4-40-56 PM

That night, I had labor pains, and Brennen and I rushed over to the hospital.

I had a nice chat with the doctor and the ghost assistant. We even discussed what it was like for him as a ghost a little before I was led back.

10-16-15_4-42-54 PM

I shouldn’t have been surprised that Brennen freaked out yet again. He’s always doing that. I’m beginning to wonder if it’s all men, because they don’t really know what to do or how they can help. They’re kind of stuck in this waiting limbo until the baby is born.

10-16-15_4-43-32 PM

I held our little Pyxis at the hospital, so Brennen got first dibs on holding him once we got home. Another little boy, if you can believe it. Five boys and a husband. I was kind of hoping for one last little girl, one that could stay with me while her brothers grew up and took over as the heir to this family. But that’s alright. I’ll probably spoil this last baby rotten because it’s just my right as a mother.

10-16-15_4-46-19 PM

For now, it’s just keeping his brothers from feeling too upset that there’s another baby in the house. And seeing how everyone’s day went around the table for dinner.

10-16-15_5-05-45 PM

All in all, I have a wonderful family. And I wouldn’t change it for the world.


3 thoughts on “1.46 Last of the Brood

    • She does. And I’m so not sure who to even root for for the next Heir. They’re a cute batch of little red heads. hah. And thanks!

      This entire generation were all constellations. I need to figure out the next generation’s name theme too!

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