Author Note 10 – Sirius’ Family

me lone

Hey everyone!

So, I know it’s probably sad news to see Sirius go. But he’s not gone forever. I promise. For starters, as you’ve probably seen by now, he’s still visiting and hanging out around the town. And he even had his kid, a beautiful little girl that the game named Jaqueline.

Sirius download

He and his family have been uploaded to the gallery for download. So you can have Sirius in your town too! Just head over to the gallery and search under #BlackmooreLegacy or the Origin ID: merikat85

And if you do download his family, let me know if you do a blog or a Let’s Play so I can watch or read to see how he does!



2 thoughts on “Author Note 10 – Sirius’ Family

    • He is! I can’t believe he’s all grown up and out of the house with a family of his own!

      Kassandra’s fashion sense is something to be desired, but I left her as she came, because I thought it was funnier that way. lmao.

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