1.43 Another Set of Twins!


Life has been busy with my two straight A students. Andromeda waited to celebrate her birthday with her sister Ara so they could both grow up together. I think it really was the sweetest thing. And they both chose to share the cake.

Andromeda went first.

09-29-15_6-24-58 PM

Then Ara made her wish.

09-29-15_6-25-41 PM

It wasn’t long after the festivities that the two packed their things, said goodbye, and headed over to Cassiopeia’s house to live with their siblings. I was sad to see them go, because I feel like I wasn’t really able to have all that much time with them. But, I won’t deny my two girls what they want either.

09-29-15_6-33-56 PM

It was back to a house full of boys, and me. A least the boys got along well. They’re good at sharing the couch and agreeing on what to watch on the television.

09-29-15_6-37-14 PM

Sirius and Draco had never really had alone time to get to know each other, so after Orion went off to bed the two brothers made sure to bond for a while before heading to bed themselves.

09-29-15_6-39-20 PM

While the boys were getting some sleep, Kassandra stopped by to talk to me. She wanted to make sure that there weren’t any hard feelings about Sirius’ ultimatum that he gave me. I’m not entirely sure I can say there aren’t any hard feelings, because I feel like their impulsive behavior is tearing my family apart some. But at the same time, she wasn’t the one who told me there were only two options. I get that he wants to be with his wife, and living apart from her right now isn’t easy, especially with a baby on the way. But it’s a really hard choice to make. one that Brennen and I are still discussing.

Moving her in would mean far too many people in our house than we have space for, I think, without another renovation. And like Sirius, Kassandra doesn’t have a job right now. So neither of them are bringing in any money. I think, if we agree to let her move in, instead of Sirius move out, that Sirius at the very least will have to get a job. No more lazying about the house during the day because he feels like it.

I told her that we would give her a decision soon, and promised that I would. And she accepted this and went home to rest.

09-29-15_6-43-32 PM

That night, after Orion got home from school, Sirius surprised his brother with a birthday cake. It wasn’t up to my caliber, he has a long way to go in the kitchen, but at least it’s not on fire.09-29-15_6-46-01 PM

And if you’re wondering why we didn’t use my beautiful chocolate cake for Orion’s birthday, it was because Sirius had cut into it and ate a slice before realizing that it was for his brother. Which is also why I told him that he had to make Orion a new one to replace it. And have it waiting so as soon as he was home from school he could celebrate.

I’m just glad Sirius didn’t argue with me. I think he knew well that I would not take kindly to being argued with.

And because we had the cake ready, Orion had a wonderful birthday. He’s a fine young adult, if I do say so myself.

09-29-15_6-47-00 PM

Shortly after we had cake, I went into labor. It is the first time that Brennen hasn’t been home when I have gone into labor. I headed to the hospital, and called Brennen from the taxi so he could meet me there.

09-29-15_6-49-19 PM

He made it just in time. Perfect time, really. And he wasn’t as panicked as before, or maybe that’s because he spent a good portion of his panic hoping that he’d make it in time to see our child born.

09-29-15_6-49-28 PM

Or, well, children. Twin boys. Leo and Corvus.

09-29-15_6-52-05 PM

Now we really need to discuss what we are going to do with Sirius and Kassandra and their baby to be. But first the two of us want to get a little rest, making and having ten children feels exhausting and I just want to nap with my brand new boys.


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