1.40 More Joy

I should be writing, but I had inspiration to paint while I was in the early stages of my pregnancy. And Brennen wanted to spend time with me while I painted so he decided to try his skills at making a sculpture. I thought it was a nice way to spend time together even though he didn’ have any pressing projects. And I do so love the idea of a sculpture. He wouldn’t tell me how big it would be though, wanted that to be a surprise.

09-19-15_7-52 AM

It wasn’t very big. But I love it none the less. Now we just need a place to find this really cute little wooden dragon.

09-19-15_7-53 AM

While Brennen and I were crafting in our studio, all of the kids were outside playing. Well, almost all of them.  Sirius was off with Kassandra for a while. So Andromeda convinced a neighbor to play sea monster in his place.

09-19-15_7-55 AM

Though Orion refused to be outdone by the neighbor, so he made sure that his sea monster was bigger and better than hers as he pretended to attack their pirate ship. Andromeda and Draco made sure to fire plenty of bubbles at him as he played.

09-19-15_7-57 AM

Though, upon Sirius getting home, Andromeda took off running to make sure she got a giant hug from him. I’m not sure when, but the two have really bonded.

09-19-15_7-58 AM

Once everyone was home I set the kids down to do their homework. Nothing gets past me, and I had noticed that not one of them had worked on it before heading outside to play. While they studied, I had Brennen cook dinner, as I was having a little bought of motion sickness.

09-19-15_7-59 AM

Feeling a little better once dinner was on the table, I came out and joined my family to eat. It was nice to have us all around this beautiful table created by my wonderful and adoring husband. It’s a table that will last generations, or so I hope. Something that can be passed down as our children have children.

09-19-15_8-01 AM

After dinner, the kids were tired enough from playing outside that they all headed to bed. Brennen and I cleaned up before headed to bed ourselves. Being huge from a baby inside me always makes me more tired than normal. Though only after about an hour in bed I started to go into labor. The trip to the hospital was a quieter one, though Brennen still panicked.

09-19-15_8-27 AM

After several hours of labor, we welcomed sweet little Ara into the world. She’s just as beautiful as her sisters were when they were born. And like most of her siblings, did not come with a friend.

Andromeda took a good look at her new sister after we got home from the hospital, and I don’t think she was too happy to have a new sibling in the house. Hopefully she’ll feel better when Ara is old enough to play with.

09-19-15_8-30 AM

Brennen has a look in his eyes, and I know it won’t be long until I’m pregnant with the next one, but right now, we both are trying to finish plans for Sirius’ birthday bash.


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