1.36 Relaxing things at Home

So with the new baby on the way, Brennen thought it would be a good thing to have me relax a little more. We aren’t getting any younger, after all. So he bought me a tea maker, something so I can have some soothing, warm tea before bed and get a nice rest. I think it was incredibly sweet of him to think of me like that.

09-17-15_10-08 PM

I made sure to have some tea while my boys were all being amazing and doing their homework. They’ve really started buckling down to learn, and Sirius is even bringing in straight A’s every day now. It’s pretty impressive, though I know his girlfriend Kassandra graduated recently, so I’m sure part of it is to show her that even though he’s younger than she is, he’s a good match for her in the relationship category. He doesn’t want her wandering off and finding an older man, before his birthday rolls around.

09-17-15_10-09 PM

After some tea, while the boys finished up, I slipped back into the study to write. My publisher is really loving the books I’ve been putting out and has been pushing me to write more. So I wanted to make sure I got working on the new one. Writing isn’t as fun as painting, but I do love it and I’m progressing extremely well in this field. I hope to someday soon be just as good at writing as I am at painting.

09-17-15_10-09 PM-2

After work, Bennen came home and shared the news. He’d been promoted again! We’re both so excited, and his boss offered him either a track in comedy or a track in music as he progressed. He chose music. And to celebrate, his boss gave him a piano so he can work on his skills! At this rate, we may have to renovate the house and add a music studio somewhere, so all the instruments have somewhere to go collectively and be easily accessible to play. Right now, because of how big it is, we’ve moved it into the kids’ play room. Not ideal, but it had the space.

Brennen was so excited by it that he stayed and practiced in front of it while I shooed the kids off to bed.

09-17-15_10-17 PM

After he was done practicing, I made him dinner and we sat and talked about the future. We’re so excited to see what’s around the bed for both of us. But we also very much enjoy the calm that having a nice like this, kids in bed and husband next to me, brings.

09-17-15_10-18 PM

Until next time. This is Abigail signing out.


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