Author Note 06 – Sirius’ Heir Fate Results & a NEW Poll!

me lone

Hello my lovely readers!

Thank you to everyone who is reading this blog and thank you for everyone that voted over the weekend in regards to Sirius staying in the running for the ability to become Heir. It looks like Sirius is a reader favorite for staying in the running for Heir (Three votes for him to stay, Two votes for him to go). He’ll be turning into an adult in the next day or so game time once I jump back into playing, and of course my game is being cruel in that because I want multiples for birth, it isn’t giving me any so it’ll be a little while before we can actually have the official Heir vote, though so far no more potential heirs.

And with Sirius staying, I’ll offer one more poll for this week – Voting closes Thursday.

Who should be out of the running for Heir? (meaning once teen, or in the case of Orion once voting closes, they’ll be joining their siblings in the small house across town)


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