1.35 Growing Again

The house was starting to feel empty with the Cassiopeia and the twins gone. I new there would be less people around, and everything but I didn’t really know that I’d feel their absence so hard either. I really missed my kids. I know it seems silly to want to have them all live here with us, but sometimes a mother can dream and hope and wish. Can’t she?

A week after they left Brennen pulled me into the bedroom, which he’d made up nice, and put some smooth music on, and seduced me back into bed. During the pillow talk after, he told me it was time we followed our dreams and hearts, and continued our goal of having a large family. He also reminded me that the reason they moved out was to be able to give us more room to have that larger family, to give them more siblings to meet. And that we shouldn’t squander it away, but really embrace the gift our kids were trying to give us.

And honestly, he had a point.

09-01-15_10-37 PM

Luckily, my body agreed too. The next day I took a pregnancy test and discovered I was pregnant again! Part of me was surprised and how easy and fast I was able to become with child again, but on the other hand, I was really happy and relieved again too. Our house would soon be buzzing with more little feet. Now if only there were a way to guarantee that it would be another set of twins or triplets, that would be fantastic.

09-01-15_10-38 PM

I made a call over to that fantastic spa to see if I could sign up for one of their fertility massages, but they told me if I was already pregnant I would have to wait until after the baby was born and try it with the next birth, that they refused to give massages to pregnant women because they didn’t want to hurt the baby. They also said no to me signing up for a yoga class until after the baby as well. They really have some interesting rules over at the spa.

After I hung up, I made sure to tell Brennen. He was so happy he couldn’t contain himself. He even called off work so we could spent the night together discussing possible names for this next baby, or babies.

09-01-15_10-38 PM-2

The boys certainly felt the loss of their siblings as well, I’m sure. They seemed to spend a lot more time on the couch, in front of the tv since everyone else left. Though, to be fair, it was the twins that got everyone out playing on the pirate ship in our yard. I’m hoping that it won’t become a waste in our yard, maybe I can convince Draco to use it some more. Though he’ll need Sirius or Orion to play with him as well, especially as a sea monster.

09-01-15_10-45 PM

And I was able to get Draco out on the ship, playing pirates and pretending to sale on the high seas in his birds nest. Though, I was also right that he wasn’t having nearly as much fun by himself. I think he also kind of hates that the pirate ship is pink. I might have to see if Brennen can repaint it for him, maybe in blues if possible, so he doesn’t think of Lyra every time he plays with it. She always used to call it her ship.

Hopefully too, this little babe growing inside me will be born soon and once they grow up he’ll have a new playmate to keep him company when his older brothers are off with secret and not so secret girlfriends.

09-01-15_10-45 PM-2

Meanwhile, Brennen continued to work and carve away at his wood station. He really was determined to give us a matching dinning room set. Which he has no idea how much I appreciate, because having the family sit around the table in matching chairs will look beautiful.

09-01-15_10-46 PM

Once the set was done, I cooked him a special, just adults dinner to celebrate. This house looks amazing, between my paintings and all his strong, well done woodwork. I just hope my boys grow up to be as good a man as their father. He supports this family, no question, and it makes me so happy.

09-01-15_10-49 PM

Until next time. Hopefully then I can introduce you to the new addition or additions to our family.


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