1.29 Little Girl isn’t so Little

It seems like yesterday that I brought Cassiopeia home from the hospital, little and pink and adorable. Not to say she isn’t still adorable. But, well, she’s not so little anymore, and she’s not so dependent on her parents anymore. Her birthday came not too far after Orion’s, and with all the birthdays, and glancing at the calendar, I know that the twins will be following shortly as well. But for today, we all were happy to focus on Cassiopeia’s birthday.

08-16-15_9-48 PM

Some of her siblings came out, who am I kidding, most of her siblings, came out into the kitchen in their pjs to celebrate. But at least they came. Orion even found some confetti to shower her with as she blew out her candles. She couldn’t look happier about being older either.

08-16-15_9-48 PM-2

She’s already telling me that I need to take her shopping for new clothes. Which I already figured and told her that we could go after her birthday party. Because while Orion didn’t want a party, Cassiopeia did so we made sure to invite people to her party.

08-16-15_9-48 PM-3

While she cut the cake, her siblings went out to play on their pirate ship. I’m not sure how I feel about them doing it in their party clothes, but at least they’re having fun. And even Sirius joined in as their sea monster while they sailed the seven seas.

08-16-15_9-58 PM

It’s also a little funny that Sirius and Orion both wanted the same party clothes. I don’t know if there’s a level of being jealous they aren’t the twins in the family or what, but they were determined to have the same party clothes. The only different between them when dressed up like this, is their hair. Luckily, I know my sons. And Sirius is a little taller than his brother too.

Even while at the party, Cassiopeia and Orion were both very determined to do their homework so that they could enjoy their Sunday tomorrow. It was quite the sight. I really am so proud of my children and their responsibility to their studies to make sure they can move forward in life with their heads held high and their brains full of knowledge.

08-16-15_9-59 PM

Lynx and Lyra look just too adorable in their dress clothes, even if they are going to need to be washed carefully from all the grass stains. They’re the best looking pirates out on the waters, really.

08-16-15_10-02 PM

And I’m not entirely sure what came over Sirius, but he came up to me as the party ended and gave me a hug. I’m not sure if he’s feeling bad about his behavior toward his father and I, or if he’s just trying to make up over all. Or maybe he’s trying to throw me off from what he’s doing. I don’t really know. But it was nice to have that moment when all my kids seem to be growing up around me.

08-16-15_10-02 PM-2

And Cassiopeia entertained the guests that showed up for her party.

08-16-15_10-03 PM

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure who this couple is that showed up looking to party. Maybe they’re our new neighbors that just heard we were having a good time. I’m not too sure. But Cassiopeia didn’t seem to have any trouble getting to know them, or shooing them out the door once it was time to head up to bed.


One thought on “1.29 Little Girl isn’t so Little

  1. They’re growing up so quickly! It’s going to be tough on Abigail when they grow up and start to move out.

    Something tells me that Sirius is up to something and that he’s trying to butter up his mother before dropping a bombshell.


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