1.25 Advancements to Home and Sirius

I was finally able to catch Sirius when I found him in the kitchen on his phone. It took a while to get him off the phone but I was able to ask him to stay before he left to go meet Kassandra. It was a start at least, even if he, I think, purposefully kept on the phone for a while just to annoy me.

07-26-15_11-12 PM-3

Once he was off the phone, we sat down to have a nice talk. Though, on an off note, I can’t wait until Brennen is able to finish that dining room table so we can sit down and have a real family discussion instead of on bar stools by a tiny table.  Back to the talk with Sirius. We covered a few things, including the fact that I really didn’t mean to scare her away from the house, because anyone important in Sirius’ life is important to his father and I. And that we do want her around, so we can get to know her better if he’s that serious about her. If she’s going to be part of this family, then she really should start hanging around move. And that it was just that his father and I have felt a little uncomfortable about him using our bed and that was what the problem was.

He seemed to take it well over all, and he really listened to me, instead of arguing which we’ve been doing the little he’s been around to talk to. So I’m hoping that he really means it when he says he promises to respect our wishes that he wait until he’s older, that he doesn’t want to become a teenage dad. There was enough understanding in the room that even Orion and Lyra were hugging it out before I told the kids to get their things so we can head to the part. Sirius stayed home, saying he wanted to think over what we’d talked about, and I really didn’t see any problem with that.

07-26-15_11-13 PM-3

All I can do is hope that he understands at that he gets it, that he’s really hearing me. Because if he isn’t, we may see a baby from him before I am done having all his siblings.


3 thoughts on “1.25 Advancements to Home and Sirius

  1. Those teenage years are tough, especially when hormones rule the roost. Let’s hope Sirius gets it and he and Kassandra can keep the lust at bay until they’re prepared for the consequences.

    I had to grin when Orion and Lyra were hugging it out during the big talk. So cute. 🙂


  2. She’s such a good mom, though. It’s vital to have these talks and so many parents don’t want to deal with such deep issues. And there are so many wrong ways to do it, too. So glad to see she did it in a way that showed her concerns but that she wasn’t necessarily angry or ashamed her boy is growing up. Make mature decisions and make your girlfriend a part of our lives… sound advice!


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