1.24 Quiet Day

The days with little Draco have been passing, and things have been relatively uneventful around here. The children are still growing, getting better and more beautiful by the day. As well as more talented in everything they try. Draco has started to fuss some, so it’s kept Brennen from finishing the dining room table. He’s made the suggestion that we slow down a little now that we have six children, at least until some of them are older and can help take care of the younger siblings better. I think I like his plan. So we’ll see how we fare as Draco grows and the rest of our brood slowly inch their way up to teenagers.

Sirius has been gone more and more lately, and I think it’s because he feels that he can’t have Kassandra over or we’ll look down at her or something. Which means that we’ll really need to have a talk with him, try to get him to understand that it wasn’t Kassandra we had a problem with, but what went down in our bed that we were mad about. Personally, I think that it’s just Kassandra embarrassed that we caught them and she doesn’t know how to face us.

07-26-15_11-06 PM-2

Cassiopeia has taken up the violin recently. I knew she was a beautifully budding artist, but I never knew that she would be just as talented in the musics. Maybe I should have known, with Brennen’s talent for the guitar and all, that they’d all have a bit of artistic talents in both painting and music. Cassiopeia has also added a camera to her birthday wishlist, so I think Brennen and I will try to save up some money and get that for her. I can’t see any reason why we’d say no to that request. Especially as a birthday present. So I am sure soon enough, she’ll be a little shutterbug as well.

07-26-15_11-04 PM

If you’ll notice, the beds are no longer in the room next to the study. Instead, we put their art tables in what was once the boy’s room, taken down the wall that separated the rooms, and added their practice violin to the room as well. That’s because Brennnen and I have been saving and scrounging, and building upstairs. There’s no official tour of the second floor just yet, because it’s still not done. It’s just done enough that the kids’ rooms have been moved upstairs. One larger girls room, and one larger boys room to fit everyone as well as we’re able. As well, that bed Sirius and Kassandra had used has been moved into a third bedroom upstairs. We’re also working on three bathrooms so each bedroom has one. Brennen and I were thinking of keeping the second floor just bedrooms, so it should stay simple, but we shall see. There’s still a lot of land that we can expand onto behind the house, so we may find more use for second floor rooms upstairs later, or another generation might figure out a use for the space.

I’m still working on paintings, which has eaten into my writing time like crazy, in order to fund all this construction. The plumbing specifically has been expensive.

07-26-15_11-10 PM

Even still, Brennen and I are making sure to find time for each other. We’ve decided to keep our bedroom on the first floor, at least for the time being. It means that as the children get older they won’t be able to really sneak out of the house because we’re right off the front room.

07-26-15_11-11 PM-2

It also means that with the children upstairs, Brennen and I can find an easier time being together. We don’t get a lot of privacy these days, so finding ways to give us even more is definitely something we’ll be sure to take advantage of.

07-26-15_11-12 PM-2

Brennen is bonding with Draco too. He’s so very cute when he takes care of our babies. Such the loving father.

07-26-15_11-13 PM

And there’s no explanation for this picture. Brennen took it with his phone and insisted that I include it because it was the latest thing that I baked.

07-26-15_11-16 PM-2

It’s just a fruitcake though, so I’m not sure why it’s so important. But there we are.


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