1.23 Fire is Still Hot

The next few days passed by quietly. Sirius moped about some after Brennen and I told him that he wasn’t allowed to mess around with Kassandra, especially not in our bed. He was mortified that we’d found out, but really, what did he expect when everyone was home while they did. The odds, in a house of seven, that someone wouldn’t catch them was slim. He’s just lucky that it wasn’t one of his siblings that caught him, or there’d be a world of trouble brewing for him. As it is, they’ve been spending their time together elsewhere, out of this house. I’m just hoping they aren’t doing the same thing at her house.

In the mean time, the children really seem to be loving that jungle gym that we bought them. They just find playing pirates the best thing in the world, even in the late hours of the night. Though, if they keep playing on it so late, we may have to find some lights, and light the yard up so they can see just a little better. Lyra keeps asking one the little funny dolls in the yard are, and I can only tell her that they are her father’s finds from time capsules he’s found around. She’s said that maybe soon she would like to try finding some. So Brennen promised to show her how he finds them a little bit later. The excitement that lit her face up was unbelievable. I know Brennen misses going around and collecting everything, but because of such a large family, and we’ve had babies so often, he hasn’t really had time to indulge his habit. I also promised him that maybe soon we can find somewhere in the house to put them all, so they aren’t just in the lawn.

07-23-15_9-09 PM

Later that night, while Cassiopeia watched some tv and Lyra continued outside on the pirate ship, I went into labor. I’ve heard that as you have more children, that the pain eases. And that must be true, because instead of worrying about immediately going to the hospital, I felt dirty enough to take a quick shower. Looking at Brennen sleeping peacefully, I let him stay to be there should the children need anything and went to the hospital on my own. I didn’t want to see him panic again, because really, it hasn’t gotten any better with how he reacts to everything.

07-23-15_9-12 PM

And after several hours, and a lot of pushing, little Draco was born. Under the sign of the dragon in the night sky, not that blonde in the books, keep in mind. He was so quiet and peaceful as I brought him home. And like most trips home from the hospital, once they gave me the all clear to go home I was energized and excited, so I worked on some paintings while Draco slept soundly next to Brennen in our room. (And if you’re wondering, yes, we did get a new bed, just the exact same one. I’ve already told Brennen I’d feel more comfortable if we changed the color of the sheets, but he says new bed and sheets are fine, even if they look exactly the same. For someone that loves throwing change into our house by having so many kids, he is really resistant to it when it’s not revolving around the kids.

07-23-15_9-17 PM

The next couple days, while the kids were away at school and Draco, peaceful baby that he is slept soundly, Brennen made sure to remind me of just how much I love him. He sang to me a couple times, and he whispered sweet nothings into my ear as we sat and just enjoyed each other’s company, and we even made out like a couple of teenagers occasionally too. It was amazing to see that spark hasn’t faded between us.

07-23-15_9-21 PM

At one point he gave me a rose, and I was so overwhelmed I just had to show him how I felt right there with a big kiss. He does love when I take charge like that sometimes. Secretly enjoys it when it’s just us in the room together.

07-23-15_9-21 PM-2

I’ve been doing a little painting to make sure we can finish that upstairs. Those stairs have just been mocking me ever since we had them built and I can’t wait to actually utalize them with a second floor to our house. Brennen’s been talking about a basement too, but first I want to get this second floor built. Don’t want to get ahead of ourselves or anything. Besides, we don’t even have a proper dining room table that will fit our whole family, so I told him to get on that too. He promised that would be the next thing he makes, but it will take time, so we’ll see it when he’s finally done with it.

07-23-15_9-31 PM

I do love though, that our house will be filled with wonderful art and furniture made by the two of us that generations can pass down and enjoy. Brennen is nothing if not serious when he’s building. And it’s lead to some very sturdy pieces that I see lasting for many generations to come.


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3 thoughts on “1.23 Fire is Still Hot

  1. When I started reading this and saw that Draco was mentioned in the story, I wondered if you were a Harry Potter fan. You must be, or you’re familiar with it, at least, since you wrote that he wasn’t like the blond in the books. I’m sure Abigail’s Draco is a much, much nicer kid than Draco Malfoy. 🙂

    Definitely a full house now. I wonder when Sirius and some of the others move out if they’ll pop out any more kids. 🙂


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