1.22 Sirius’ Relationship Grows

I saw Sirius took over my journal the other day to talk about his date with Kassandra. It looked like the two really hit it off. Well enough that after he got home from school Monday, he invited her over straight away. Sirius made sure to meet her at the door and make her feel very welcome to the house.

07-23-15_8-57 PM

I think that they grew much closer than he let on during the date, or maybe it’s just because they’ve been growing together as they attend school. He made sure to keep Kassandra all to himself, quiet outside so they weren’t disturbed too much with the full house of siblings he has.

07-23-15_8-58 PM

They certainly made a lot of the short, fading light of the afternoon sun. I had heard her say that she couldn’t stay too long, and couldn’t stay for dinner because she had plans with her family. So there was a lot of kissing while they were out there, at least there was from what I could tell from my vantage point of the window.

07-23-15_8-59 PM

With all the giggling, as I was trying to cook dinner, I looked out to see him ask her to be his girlfriend. And, not surprising to me, she said yes. So naturally they celebrated by laughing, hugging, and more kissing.

07-23-15_9-00 PM

The part I didn’t anticipate, was that shortly after she agreed to be his girlfriend, he gave her a promise ring. That shocked me a little, because now I feel like, soon as he turns into a young man, they’ll be married. I hope he isn’t planning to run too fast into this relationship. But I’m not sure there’s any stopping him with how he looks at Kassandra. I hope they’re happy, but I also hope that they aren’t just getting serious to be serious. When Kassandra came in briefly to use the bathroom, I asked Sirius about it, and he promised that that wasn’t his intention, and that he genuinely loved Kassandra. He even went so far as to tell me that he hopes that he has a love that lasts the years like mine and Brennen’s. No matter the lows and highs, his father and I have always put more value on our happiness, and our children’s happiness, than the money we can earn and bring in.

07-23-15_9-01 PM

So naturally, with that answer, I wished him the best with a kiss to his cheek and let him get back to his girlfriend. While his siblings were playing outside on their pirate ship, and his father and I were in the study practicing writing and music, apparently he and Kassandra snuck into our master bedroom. I could hear them behind the door fooling around. His father and I weren’t happy with this, not only that they couldn’t wait until they were older, but that it was in our bed as well.

07-23-15_9-02 PM

It looks like Brennen and I will be buying a new bed in the next day or so. I am not exactly looking forward to sleeping in a bed that my son has been messing around in with his girlfriend. And his father and I will be having a more serious talk with him after we deal with the bed problem.


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