Author Note 02

me lone

I told you it was coming! The poll! Only the males are eligible for title of Heir because I have strict equality in affect, and only those that are currently child or young adult are on this pool.

So please go HERE and vote for which boy you want to stay in the running for title of Heir (meaning that once Abigail is an elder she can pass the title and journal to them – and the story will continue from their view point).

The top two will be kept for now, while the losing boy will be moved out to a house in the town to live on his own when he ages into a young adult (or teen if a girl ages up into a young adult first) – and eventually have the girls move in with him so they will still be around town. And they can still be invited over for parties and visits and things as well. Never fear! They aren’t gone forever, just moved to start their own journeys.

The reason this is so important (the moving them out part) is because I’m really trying to finish the have 10 children in one generation, and Abigail still has four to go before Brennen ages into an elder. Which also means we’ll be hoping for twins/triplets once space in the house opens up more to accommodate more children.

The Poll will close when I return home, Monday Aug. 10th. Basically, when I sign on that night to look at the results, the winners will be noted and I’ll post to let you guys know that night.


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