1.18 Twins Grow Up

Things have been quiet here at home. I’ve been able to publish two books, though as a self published author they aren’t making all that much money. Brennen suggested I maybe try posting on some forums or try getting a pen pal in order to spread the word about my books. I may have to do that. The boys, thankfully and with the help of Cassiopeia, weren’t seeming to mind the twins being in our house anymore. Small steps, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

07-04-15_8-46 AM

Brennen and I were very attentive to all our children, but especially the twins should they need anything. Neither of them fussed too much, and actually cooed and giggled when they weren’t sleeping most of the time. Which I think came from the fact that their older siblings were always around playing or writing or talking, so they could hear we were very close.

07-04-15_8-46 AM-2

Just before the twins grew up, I took a pregnancy test and told Brennen the good news. We’d really have a full house soon, because I was pregnant again. Even after five children, it’s always so exciting to not only get that news but then be able to share it with him. Right now I’m not planning to tell the kids, not with the way Sirius and Orion reacted to the twins at first. No, I think I’ll let the boys settle into getting to know their new siblings first.

07-04-15_8-50 AM

And later that day, the twins grew up. Lyra grew up into a beautiful little girl.

07-04-15_9-26 AM

And Lynx grew up into a strapping little boy. Though, I think after looking at them in their siblings’ hand-me-downs, we’ll have to dip into the savings to get them a new wardrobe because neither look very happy with their clothes right now.

07-04-15_9-26 AM-2

I ate dinner in Cassiopeia’s room while she and Orion played with her dollhouse and they discussed their new siblings. Meanwhile Lynx colored for a little bit, content to let his siblings talk alone.

07-04-15_9-39 AM

Later though, he joined his twin out on the new pirate ship jungle gym that Brennen’s co-workers chipped in and gave us. The two really seem to love it already, as Lynx takes charge as captain and Lyra took arms at the canon.

07-04-15_9-40 AM-2

I’m a little worried that they’re going off on their own like that so soon after growing up, but the book I’m reading says that it’s normal for twins to have a stronger bond with each other than the rest of their siblings. I’ll just keep an eye on them and encourage them to play with everyone as I can. And Brennen and I are almost ready to renovate the house again. Maybe while the kids are at school so they aren’t in the way of the men working. We shall see. First we need to save up after paying out almost 2,000 simoleans in bills.



3 thoughts on “1.18 Twins Grow Up

  1. Goodness, ANOTHER baby!!! We should start calling them Mr. and Mrs. Rabbit. LOL. Seriously though, this is one big, happy family, and I gotta give you props for being able to juggle all those Sims.


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