1.17 Sirius’ Crush

The day after the twins came home didn’t start out all that well. Sirius saw the twins and immediately started to pout and cry, and then decided that if he hid under his covers and cry. I think he thought maybe if he woke up they wouldn’t be there. I’m not sure why he’s this upset, because he was so excited when I brought Orion and Cassiopeia home. How the twins suddenly inspired being sad, and he mumbled that he didn’t want any new siblings, well, it’s really sad to see because I was hoping that he would be excited to be a big brother again.

07-03-15_7-34 AM-2

Brennen was able to pull him out of his room and out of bed while I made breakfast for everyone. And it started to seem like things were getting better. Orion was really boasting about how great the story he was creating in his head about his toy triceratops, captivating both his sister and brother and his father. He does have quite the imagination when it comes to playing with his toys.

07-03-15_7-37 AM

But then suddenly he went into his room to put his toys away, saw Lynx, and started stomping around in anger. I really don’t know what’s gotten into both of my boys, as neither seem happy that we have new babies in the house. The only one that seems really excited is Cassiopeia. She, at least, has been asking what she can help with, and what she can do to make the babies happier. Though, to be fair, both boys have been through babies in the house. Or maybe it’s just because the babies are sharing their room that they don’t like. I don’t know. I just hope that they’ll come around and start to enjoy their new siblings.

07-03-15_7-38 AM-2

In order to help cheer Sirius up, we had him invite his friend over. They spent all day together, and really I think that was the best suggestion I could have made, was to have her come over.

07-04-15_8-30 AM

07-04-15_8-31 AM

07-04-15_8-32 AM

While Sirius was entertained by his friend, Cassiopeia took it upon herself to keep her brother Orion company. Both of them enjoyed a wonderful afternoon at their crafting tables, working on their art. My little artistic protegees.

07-04-15_8-33 AM

Sirius hasn’t said too much yet, but I think he’s starting to already fall in love with his friend. As if spending the day together wasn’t enough, they took pictures together, he asked her to stay for dinner, and even asked if she’d be his best friend. I really do think it’s a sign of where their relationship will go in the future.

07-04-15_8-37 AM

07-04-15_8-39 AM

07-04-15_8-40 AM

Meanwhile I toiled away on my first book. With the boys pouting about the new siblings, I decided to write a book for children about a new sibling coming into the household. It’s coming along really well too, I think.

07-04-15_8-41 AM

After dinner I got to know Sirius’ friend a little better. If she’s going to be spending days with us like this in the future, I figured I should really get to know her. And if the little hearts in his eyes, not really but a mother can tell these things, are any indication, it’s best to get to know her now, before she’s part of the family than later after she’s part of it.

07-04-15_8-43 AM

After our guest went home, the family calmed down more and everything seemed to level out. The boys are still ignoring their new siblings, and spending as little time as possible around the bassinets, but, at least they’re not crying or stomping around anymore. That’s a small plus at least.



5 thoughts on “1.17 Sirius’ Crush

  1. Aww, I’m sure he’ll adjust. A new baby in the house can be hard, I imagine having two new babies in the house at the same time is much harder for a kid, considering how much more time twins demand on a parent’s time.


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