1.13 Everyday Life, Here at Blackmoore Estate


Life has been pretty quiet here at the estate. Little Cassiopeia has been doing well and is very healthy. The boys have been behaving pretty well, though Orion has started to play with the doll house. I was thinking, when we have the space for it, of trying to create a centralized playroom for the kids. I may invest in a second doll house, maybe a different one than we already have, if even the boys will play and enjoy it.

As well, Brennen decided he wanted to try his hand at painting something after we had made out. He said something about being this flirty meant he had to put his feelings to paper. I wasn’t completely sure of what he meant by that, but since I didn’t have any works in progress I told him to go ahead and even gave him a little canvas to work on.

06-13-15_8-46 AM

I snapped a picture of Brennen’s painting because I thought it was actually very sweet. He actually sold it just after I took this picture, before I could request that he keep it and we hang it up on the wall in the living room. I thought that he did a beautiful job, and that it was very sweet that he wanted to express his feelings in such a wonderful way.

06-13-15_8-47 AM


I was in an interesting mood later that night, and while he was in the studio I ended up serenading him after I paused at the painting that I was working on. Sometimes, we’re just that couple. The mushy, cute one that enjoys singing and doing fun coupley things even when we don’t get out too often because of the kids.

06-13-15_8-48 AM

After Sirius was in bed the two of us stopped for a nice, quiet dinner. It was nice to just listen to the quiet house while all three kids slept peacefully. We were able to relax and catch up with each other in a way that sometimes you just can’t with kids. We talked about plans for the house, and we talked about plans for our family. He also talked about really wanting to go out on a date soon. So we’ll definitely have to see if we can fulfill that wish for him. I’m sure we can find a sitter to watch everyone.


06-14-15_8-31 AM

After we ate it was back to work for both of us. I’m kind of hoping that once we have the house settled for our children, they won’t have to work so hard in their lives because everything we could ever want to give them they’ll have. It’s a nice thought, and with the way Brennen and I are going it’s something we might actually be able to accomplish.

06-14-15_8-33 AM

Cassiopeia woke up crying late in the night. I had told Brennen to go ahead and keep working. It was an easy dirty diaper fix, and with a little singing to get her back to sleep she was out like a light. And she does just look so precious when she sleeps. What I missed until I got back in there, was that Brennen hit his head while he was working. I’m not completely sure how he did it, but he did. Not only was he grumpy when I got back into the studio, but he had a small red spot on his forehead.

06-14-15_8-34 AM

It didn’t slow him down though. He was determined to finish the little table that he was working on before we went to bed. And since he was determined to finish that I stayed up with him and finished my painting before we both decided to call it a night.

06-14-15_8-38 AM

The table is small. More like nightstand size, and it looks so funny in the center of the bar stools. But I think it will be big enough for the kids to do their homework on. We all currently eat in front of the television right now anyway. Once we have a rec room and move the television into it, or Brennen gets the blueprints for the actual dining room table, then I’ll worry about getting the kids around it instead of the tv.

He’s really doing a wonderful job furnishing the house. We also have another mirror, which we put in the master bathroom. Next he said he was going to try and make a planter. Maybe then we can plant a few of our own plants and have a small garden the children could possibly tend to. Teach them how our food is made.

06-14-15_8-40 AM-2

But that’s a project for another day.



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