1.2 Day One

My day didn’t exactly start off all that well. I had sent in some resumes before arriving to town, but after checking my email I was a little disappointed to see that no one had yet to email me back with an interview at least. I hadn’t thought it would be this hard to get a job.

05-21-15_10-58 PM
It’s always hard when things don’t exactly go as planned. Especially since I really need a job so I can hopefully start building a house for myself. Some walls and a little privacy would be nice, as would a kitchen where I can actually cook and have the money for a stove. Not that all the fresh air isn’t nice, but well, it’s not exactly great either. I was never a huge fan of camping when I was a kid.

I went around town to fill out a few more resumes after a bowl of cereal, and while was was out and about I met a great group of friends. They had just moved to town as well and were looking for a place that would be able to house them all. Though, some joked that two houses so they wouldn’t get too much on each other’s nerves probably wouldn’t be bad either.

05-21-15_11-03 PM
They were pretty friendly guys, and truthfully, it was nice to know that there were more people in town that weren’t all that familiar with everything as well. Granted, it seems all of us would benefit from having a native show us the ropes of the town. Who knows, maybe in the next couple of days we’ll find one. Either way, the group and I became fast friends as we talked and joked for a good part of the morning.

05-21-15_11-01 PM

It wasn’t until my stomach started to rumble that I realized I should probably head back to my place and get a little something to eat, though I really did hate to leave to guys so soon. They also had to excuse themselves though, because staying at the local hotel was going to get expensive for them if they didn’t find a house soon. And I know all too well how it feels to not really have a home to call your own. Because a bed, just isn’t exactly a home.

So sadly we parted ways, promising to call each other and keep in touch. Maybe one of them will end up being my Mr. Right. I can only hope some day. But today I had to focus on what I was going to try and do in order to earn a little cash, and maybe have a little fun for the rest of my free afternoon.

Belly full and happy, I wandered out by the river across from my house and heard the soft croaking of a frog. Naturally, I had to explore.

05-21-15_11-07 PM
And what do you know, I was lucky enough to find a little guy too. I’m not quite sure if I should keep him, release him, or try and sell him for a little bit of money – though I’d have to find out if he’s worth any money first – so for now he’s going to stay with me. It was the only log and the only frog I could find that day. After strolling along the edge of my property, which opens out after the trees onto a lovely creek, I was able to find a fishing pole just laying about willy nilly. I’m not sure who left it, as the place was completely deserted, but I figured I would take full advantage.

05-21-15_11-07 PM-4
Not that I really know how to fish. But with everything new in life, it’s a learning curve. My hope was to be able to catch some dinner, as my fridge only has cereal in it really.

05-21-15_11-08 PM
Unfortunately, I wasn’t so lucky. All I kept catching, when I caught anything at all, was trash. So while the environment might love me for cleaning it up, my belly sure wouldn’t. It was disheartening enough that I decided to stop for a while and just continue on exploring the area by my house. There are a lot of plants that look like they’ll bear some fruit, but none had any just yet. All that means is that I can keep an eye on them, and maybe harvest not only fruit but seeds and start my own little garden. I think that would be lovely, and somewhat self sustaining to grow my own food. It’d at least spice up my cereal with some strawberries or blackberries.

While wandering along, I found this strange little node in the ground. Naturally, I had to hammer it open to see what I found.

05-21-15_11-10 PM
Wouldn’t you know it, but it contained sapphire! I’m hoping that this will help to fund my stove. And then I found a few shiny, sparkly nodes and just had to open those too.

05-21-15_11-13 PM

All the node hunting had me pumped, confident, and excited. So I figured I would give fishing another try. It started off slow, and I started to fear that I wouldn’t catch anything at all, just like last time. But wouldn’t you know it, nearly when I had given up, I finally caught a fish! I was so proud of myself.

05-21-15_11-15 PM

It’s a tiny little thing, barely worth eating, really. But I caught it with my own two hands – well and this here fishin’ pole. Since I don’t actually have a stove to cook him on, I’m storing him in my fridge. I’m hoping that maybe I can come across a few more of those nodes tomorrow while I wait to hear about a job, and maybe sell what I find. We’ll see.

As the sun started to set on the day of excitement, I settled on the bench near the creek to enjoy my bowl of cereal for dinner.

05-21-15_11-18 PM-2

It was time to reflect on all that had happened that day. I made some new friends, found some cool things, and caught my very first fish. It was a good day.

05-21-15_11-19 PM-2

And I was hopeful that things would work out well for me come tomorrow. But in order to start the day off on a good foot, I have to make sure I get a good night’s sleep.

05-21-15_11-19 PM-3
So good night.

Collection items

Hypno Frog
Spotted Leaf Frog
2 Perch
Fossil Rock (currently unopened)
2 Time Capsules (currently unopened)









9 thoughts on “1.2 Day One

  1. I just started reading your Legacy today and I just love it! It reads like a book. A wonderful flow. And the photography is beautiful as well. I love at the end of this chapter that you had a tally of collection items. I’m excited to see how Abigail’s life unfolds. 🙂


    • Thanks! I love to write, and thought it would be super fun to combine my love of Sims with my love of writing. 🙂 I didn’t keep up with the tally of the collection items at the end though, after the first kid, trying to keep track of everyone’s inventory kind of got to be too much. Heh.

      Liked by 1 person

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